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Click to jump to the web site   Howard Pospesel and David Marans, "Arguments: Deductive Logic Exercises" (1978). Full pdf of original book. Useful for students and lecturers in logic.

Click to jump to the web site   'OPEN ACCESS Logic Gallery, Aristotle to the Present': Pantheon of logic from great minds, by David Marans at St. Thomas U, Miami. Splendid open-access ebook. Also see his introduction to logic using counterexamples.

Click to jump to the web site   'Fallacy Files': Loads of fallacies with examples, sub-fallacies, links, etc. Uses frames.

Click to jump to the web site   Argument mapping Tutorials. Nice set of simple tutorials on (you've got it) mapping arguments. Which is nice.

Click to jump to the web site   Lots of notes on Rhetorical Theory and its advocates, including a whole bunch of Greeks and a raft of other theorists. Clunky layout but stuffed with content.  (at Wayback)

Click to jump to the web site   Andrew Cline's 'Rhetorica' site including analysis of speeches and a nice rhetoric primer.

Click to jump to the web site   Professor Barry Eckhouse's online course material on 'Logic, Argument and Persuasion' at This is how the Greeks did it. A goldmine of logic, but may be too academic for some.

Click to jump to the web site   A quick summary of Aristotle's persuasion techniques. (at Wayback)

Click to jump to the web site   A multi-page, ad-free, detailed site on logical fallacies from Stephen Downe.

Click to jump to the web site   A nice, simple and long list of fallacies in arguments.

Click to jump to the web site   A 'Logic Classroom' self-study guide for classical logic from San Josť State University. Includes downloadable zip file of the whole show.

Click to jump to the web site   The 'LogicTutor' site by Michael Green, designed to go with his books 'The Art of Reasoning'. Includes exercises and explanations.

Click to jump to the web site   'Humbug online' - A friendly online blog about fallacies, from the authors of "Humbug: the skeptic's field guide to spotting fallacies in thinking".

Click to jump to the web site   'American Rhetoric' - Lots of rhetoric and speeches - in both text and audio. Both Christian and Political rhetoric are included, as well as many classic movie speeches.

Click to jump to the web site   'Argumentation analysis' - Some fallacies and many interesting extras on spin and deception.

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