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Wednesday 08-Mar-06

Waiting for the train

I'm waiting for the train, standing on a crowded London Underground tube station. The train is a long time coming. By the little jerky movements and humphy sounds, I'd sat some folks are getting frustrated. Me? I'm just blogging on my PDA. It's an old HP iPAQ 1910. No bluetooth or any of that modern stuff, but a wonderfully handy note-taker and blogging machine. It's around three years old but still slips into any pocket and ihas never failed me.

I've read the poster adverts opposite me three times - what a great place to put them! There's another in the Jack Daniels series, a mostly-white PlayStation one and a Ford Focus one. The JD ad has a cutesy, old-world theme. The PlayStation uses a few big words and that's it. I like the Ford one the best as it's got lots of bits to look at.

Advert design is something of a black art and good designers pay a lot of attention to the context in which the ad is being placed. On trains, platforms and where people are waiting, give them plenty to read. On billboards as they flash past in their cars, use images and snappy messages. And in magazines, when they often flick past the ads, catch their eye and draw them in with more and more intriguing detail.

And the train? After an announcement of long delays I am leaving the lemmings on the platform and finding another route!

See ya.

Your comments

In your previous post, you bought a roadster?

What are thinking??? Why are you catching a train in the first place??? ;)

-- Colin

Dave replies:
I'd drive, but it's to the middle of London, so not much wind-in-your-hair stuff there. And hey, I do the website on the train!

> "I am leaving the lemmings on the platform"

Reminds me of what Sting sang - "Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes, constants in a suicidal race!"

-- James Black

Dave replies:
And they all seem so happy (or at least unaware). We get stuck in patterns so easily.

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