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Monday 02-May-06

Getting better seats

I'm an old rocker who has loved Pink Floyd amongst other 'Progressive Rock' bands for many years. I often prefer music that you listen to rather than just dance to. Many's the time I've turned up Atom Heart Mother or the Division Bell when nobody's here, closed my eyes and floated away on a sea of sound. I'm lucky that my daughter also likes the same music (my parents liked people like Sinatra and Big Band sounds that I've never got on with). In fact Pink Floyd were the first band that she saw and I think it spoiled her, taking her to the most visual and aurally stunning concert on her first rock outing.

Now that PF no longer tour, we have to make do with the next best thing, which thankfully is remarkably good. The Australian Pink Floyd is a tribute band that have played for PF themselves more than once and really do them justice. My daughter and I have seen them five times now and go every time they come around. The first time was several years ago, when we got tickets the week before and stood at the front, leaning on the stage and grooving in delighted amazement. Now they have gained greater notoriety, it can be difficult getting tickets. This happened last Saturday, when we went to see them in Oxford. The seats we got were near the front but right at the side and a speaker stack obscured half the stage. To make matters worse, the people in front talked and jiggled non-stop, even after being asked to calm down.

So, rather than sit there or get cross, I decided to act. I could have made a fuss and complained, but rather decided to take a more polite way out. I asked one of the ushers to find us alternative seats. They tried, but the place was completely full. I must have made an impression, because they later came back and asked if we'd like to go up to the viewing gallery. We tried this, and although the view was great, it was behind glass. By then, the ushers had gone back downstairs, so we sneaked into the circle and sat on the steps.

The rest of the concert was brilliant!

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