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Thursday 05-June-08

Seeing photographs

I'm am amateur photographer, perhaps of the worst kind: one who snaps away willy-nilly, hacks away at photos on the computer and then tortures friends and relatives by showing them the fruits of all that hard work, angling for flattering comments. At least I don't persist too much. After a photographic expedition I'll wave the pictures around and then quickly move on. The good thing about putting photos on the web these days is that all you have to do is plonk them there then point people at them. If they want to spend time browsing them, then they can. If they are not so keen then I don't mind. Heck I'll even accept a fabricated 'very nice'. Maybe I'm cheap there you are.

I've photographed in bursts over the years, getting enthusiastic for a big then putting away the camera, perhaps for months, then starting out again. Digital photography has woken me up a bit more though I do wonder if the zero-cost of photos means more, but not necessarily better. I do know, however, that it makes it more enjoyable as you quickly know if you've fluffed a photo and have time to take it again. Computer post-processing can also make up for limitations in the field.

Perhaps what I like most is looking for pictures. I wander the streets of London or wherever I am looking through an imaginary lens for great photos. Of course many flash by in an instant but at least I can capture them in memory. It's also great when a quickly snapped picture turns out better than expected (though sadly it's often the other way around).

My latest jaunt was a half-term break with my wife to Madeira, where photography was a holiday-enhancing activity (at least for me). If you'd care to take a peek, here's the photos

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