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Joel Edelman and Mary Beth Crain, The Tao of Negotiation, HarperCollins, NY, 1993

  A very different book on the subject, focusing largely on the touchy-feely stuff. Its difference is its strength in that it adds some alternative perspectives to the field.


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Roger Fisher and William Ury, Getting to Yes, Business Books, 1981

  This is still the classic reference on negotiation, borne out of the Harvard studies of arms-limitation talks between the Americans and the Soviets in the 70s. It almost single-handedly turned negotiation from an aggressive battle of wits into a collaborative exercise that sought the best for both parties. Brilliantly clear and easy to read.


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Roger Fisher and Scott Brown, Getting Together, Business Books, London, 1989

Another book in the Getting to Yes, series and written in the usual clear style. This one is about building relationships such that when you get to negotiate, you are already most of the way there. Nowhere near as famous as its antecedent, it is nevertheless very useful and choc-full of sage and practical advice. 


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George Fuller, The Negotiator's Handbook, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NY, 1991

  Fuller is a professional negotiator and it shows in this detailed and practical book. It includes many hard-nosed tactics and techniques for different negotiating situations, including handling of conflict and deception. 


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Donald Hendon and Rebecca Angeles Hendon, How to Negotiate Worldwide, Gower, Altershot, UK, 1989

  Another different book that puts the international spin on negotiation. It lists a number of tactics and how to counter them, and then shows how these apply in different countries around the world.


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Gerard I. Nieremberg, Fundamentals of Negotiating, Hawthorn, NY, 1973

  Combining his previous best-sellers, this is one of the originals of modern collaborative negotiation. Somewhat dated in writing style now, but it still contains many forgotten gems.


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Howard Raiffa, The Art and Science of Negotiation, Bellknap Harvard, Cambridge, MA, 1982

  A solid classic from the famed Harvard professor with many detailed examples. It draws strongly on game theory and uses some numerical methods in determining rational decision choices.


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G. Richard Shell, Bargaining for Advantage, Viking Penguin, NY, 1999

  A very solid and up-to-date book on the detail of negotiation from the director of the Wharton Executive Negotiation Workshop. It aligns with and leans on Fisher's earlier work and adds further detail, especially in the bargaining process.


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William Ury, Getting Past No, Business Books, London, 1991

  Another great book that digs further into the ground started by Getting to Yes. Ury describes a straightforward and powerful method of turning competitive negotiators into collaborative ones. Especially worthwhile if you deal with difficult people, this is another clear and easy-to-read book that everyone should read.  See also the review of this book.


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William Ury, The Third Side, Penguin Books, NY, 2000

The definitive book on mediation from the co-author of Getting to Yes and other books. Ury describes ten roles anyone can play when they find themselves between two warring parties.

See also the review of this book.


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