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Puppy Close


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There are a number of variants of Puppy Close.

Give them the product to try out. If possible let them take it home. Like a puppy, it should sell itself.

Be charming and cute, just like a puppy dog.

Flatter them. Be very nice. Act something like a good child who deserves a reward.

Another variant is to frame what you are selling in the same cute and fluffy light.


Can I leave it with you for the week?

It would be so nice if you bought one from me today.

You know, I just love meeting people like you who know what they want now.

Oh, go on, spoil yourself.

Just look at it. Isn't it so loveable?

Would you like to hold it? Doesn't it feel sooo good?

How it works

The Puppy Close, when you give them the item to try out, works by the investment principle, where as they spend time with it they grow closer to it as they associate their identity with it.

The Puppy Close, when you are acting in a cute way, works by appeal principle, where you appeal to their kind and gentle nature. By framing the other person as good and kind (with which, of course, they agree), you also invoke the consistency principle, where they then feel obliged to act in alignment with the way you have described them (and they have accepted as an accurate and true description).

Acting in a child role is playing the Parent-Child game from Transactional Analysis. Where you act as a needy and deserving child, you invoke the Nurturing Parent in them.

See also

Alignment principle, Appeal principle, Consistency principle, Framing principle

Books on Sales Closing

**** Tom Hopkins, Sales Closing for Dummies, For Dummies, 1998  **** Zig Ziglar, Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale, Berkley Publishing, 1985  *** Stephan Schiffman, Closing Techniques: (That Really Work!), Adams Media, 1999  **** Stephan Schiffman, Getting to 'Closed': A Proven Program to Accelerate the Sales Cycle and Increase Commissions, Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2002  *** Joe Girard, Robert L. Shook, Robert Casemore, How to Close Every Sale, Warner books, 2002 ** Gary Karass, Negotiate to close: How to make more successful deals, Fireside, 1987


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