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Hi -- I'm Dave Straker, author of this site and the associated book. I now work full-time on both developing this web and also providing consulting services in the subject of changing minds. So you can hire me!


You want to change minds. It may be the minds of your customers, your employees, your suppliers or other people. Or even yourself. You may be frustrated by problems and limited success. You may also be successful and are seeking even greater success.

What you know most of all is that changing minds is important and you need to get it right.


I offer a range of services around changing minds.

  • Consulting: Providing general consulting services around change, influence, persuasion and related topics.
  • Speaking: Speaking on the subject at your conferences and meetings.
  • Training: Educating you and your staff in the psychology and practice of changing minds.
  • Copywriting: Writing persuasive copy for you or reviewing your text.
  • Coaching: Providing personal development and support.


Why changing minds?

One of the most common problems we face both in business and in our person lives is changing the minds of others, whether it is customers, senior managers, employees, colleagues or friends.

We are brought up changing minds and do it every day, yet it is such a tricky activity, few of us are perfect. We waste huge amounts of time, money and energy trying to persuade others. If you could do it better, then you would be more successful, happier and generally more effective. 

Why me?

I have a broad experience and am well qualified. And as you can see in this site, I have wide and deep knowledge.

I worked for many years in organizational improvement and change in large and small, private and public organizations, including HP, Agilent, Airbus and the UK Government. In these I have alternated between supporting and operating roles, developing understanding while remaining grounded.

I also study the subject constantly and have four postgraduate qualifications in changing-minds topics: an MSc in Psychology, another MSc in Management, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (I'm a qualified teacher) and a Diploma in Marketing. I'm also qualified in psychometrics and have done much formal training in change, sales, NLP, negotiation and related subjects, along with studying many books and other research material.


In the first instance, contact me so I can understand you and your needs. Then we can find the best solution for you and so work from there.



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