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Friday 31-Mar-06

Going to the dentist

I went to the dentist today. My old dental surgeon has retired, to be replaced by a young woman who looks about sixteen. I am quite happy with this, as she will be up with the latest methods, and indeed she was very clear and knowledgeable.

What was interesting was her general bedside manner, which was very professional and smooth. Obviously, dental training these days includes how to talk with patients as well as how to fix their teeth.

She started with a discussion about the state of my teeth, carefully explaining any dental terminology and pausing to let me ask questions. She explained the reason for the x-ray that they did and showed me the results. It was mostly good news, but some maintenance will be needed. Rather cleverly, she also told me how much each item would cost to treat. It seems quite good value, although when I added up all the numbers it was a not inconsiderable sum. Aha, I thought. A neat use of the fragmentation principle.

After a bit of temporary patching up (just to keep thing ticking over until we do the full treatment), I am now back at home. Now, where's the candy...

Your comments

You still got those Chocolate left-overs from Belgium right? Or was that the cause of the need to go to the dentist?

-- Colin

Dave replies:
Good link! Sadly, Belgian chocolates do not keep well at all. Mmm.

 Good for you that you have a very great dentist that would truly help you on your teeth problems. There are some dentists, who aren?t good enough but quite knowledgeable about their profession. Many parents are no doubt relieved that Halloween is over, and ready for a bit of a lull before Thanksgiving. Its fun, of course, but it can also be an enormous pain in the neck. Just because it?s over doesn?t necessarily mean that the consequences are over with. This story reminds us that Halloween is particularly scary for the small ones? little teeth. The amount of candy that is consumed by the average child on Halloween is insane, and it can adversely affect the health of their teeth, very easily. Preventative measures are available but of course, though how many times you tried to prevent having cavity, yet, you will still have. Don?t get too surprised if the next routine check-up reveals one. Parents try to do everything in their power to be able to pay for dental costs that come with having children. You may think you?re ready, but if you come up a bit short, installment loans can take the bite out a dental visit.

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