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A History of Changes


Started Principles of Game Design in Game Design with The Economy Principle. Added Focus to Attention. Added Experience to Needs. Added Demonstrate Power and Kindness to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Preserving the State's Territory to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added The Airplane Experiment: Role reversal gone awry, Sales Commandment 6: Answer Your Phone; Be There, Do Not STEREOTYPE Your Customers and Cross-cultural Communication and Leadership to Guest articles. Added Negative online reviews: the surprising effects to Blog!


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Added The Lewis Culture Model to Culture. Started Attention in Perception with Contrast. Added Destroy to Needs. Added Appear Vulnerable to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Six Preservations to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Maybe There’s More than One “Right” Way, Why You Need To Engage Emotions To Change Minds, The Big Question That Changes Everything and Overcome Inferiority Complex to Guest articles. Added Thinking about death to Blog!


Added The Meta-Volition Change Process to Articles About Change. Added Youth Bias to Academic Theories. Added The Need to Defend to Needs. Added Seem Harmless to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Clear Instructions to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Why Trying To Make Your Children Happy Makes Everyone Miserable, Seven Tips to Improve your Safety Communication and Sales Commandment 5: Accessibility is Key to Guest articles. Added The Value of Time to Blog!


Added Emotions and Light to Emotions. Added Sell More to How to Get a Bigger Tip. Added Create to Needs. Added Be Like People They Trust to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Boasting to Status Games. Added The Great Forms of Etiquette to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Assumptions Derail Communication and 100% ATTITUDE In Customer Service to Guest articles. Added Mindfulness and sunk costs to Blog!


Added Contribute to Needs. Added Be Like Them to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added One Upmanship to Status Games. Added Affairs of State to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Why Happy Families Require 12 Great Relationships (or Maybe 11), Sales Commandment 4: Plan for a Crisis (and everything else), Assessment: How much do you suck at listening? and Say "NO" to Your Feelings to Guest articles. Added Inspirational Messages and Rants to Blog!


Added Butterfly Logic to Types of Reasoning. Added Connect to Needs. Added Be Friendly to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Equals to Status Games. Added Fullness and Emptiness to The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare. Added Innovation A Key Transformation For Entrepreneurs, Social Skills and Wellbeing at Work, The Surprising Thing about People That Shouldn’t Be Surprising and How Comfortable Are You with Touch? to Guest articles. Added Lesson Plans that Work to Blog!


Added Confidence to Needs. Added Help Others to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Playing Inferior to Status Games. Added Conspiracy and Religion to Conspiracy Theories. Started The Six Secret Teachings in Warfare with King Wen's Teacher. Added Successful Entrepreneurs-Taking Risks When It Matters, Sales Commandment 3: Make it About the Customer, Are You Fooling Yourself? and Three Ways to Deal with the Poison Person to Guest articles. Added Pretend to sleep: it's good for you! to Blog!


Added Comfort to Needs. Added Do No Harm to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Demonstrating Power to Status Games. Added Challenge Priorities to Being Right. Added Get it right: Shift the sales and marketing focus to the buy side, Sales Commandment 2: Be a Cheerleader For Your Product/Service and Managing the Monkeys in the Middle of Management to Guest articles. Added Inertialessness to Blog!


Added Round and Around to Use of Language. Added Collect to Needs. Added Be Predictable to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Criticism to Status Games. Added Change the Rules to Being Right. Added Run Away to The 36 Stratagems. Added Why Intentions Are More Fun Than Resolutions, Sales Commandment 1: Don't Leave Home Without Your Passion and Information is the Problem. What's the Solution? to Guest articles. Added Beautiful Adverts to Blog!


Added The Need for Belief to Needs. Added Keep Your Promises to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Gossip to Status Games. Added Criticize Research to Being Right. Added Chain Together the Enemy's Warships to The 36 Stratagems. Added How to get over Facebook Envy, The Nine Commandments of Sales Success and I Don’t “Get” You to Guest articles. Added Signal to Noise to Blog!


Added Avoidance to Needs. Added Obey Rules to How Can I Get People to Trust Me?. Added Power Displays to Status Games. Added Use Fallacies to Being Right. Added Inflict Injury on Onself in Order to Win the Enemy's Trust to The 36 Stratagems. Added Show and Tell, Communicate! How to Be Specific in Describing Your Services and Requirements of a Sales Superstar to Guest articles. Added How to make a video go viral to Blog!


Added The Leadership Vacuum to Leadership articles. Started How Can I Get People to Trust Me? in Trust with Be Honest. Added Status Negotiation to Status Games. Added Strategic Forgetting to Being Right. Added Let the Enemy's Own Spies Sow Discord in the Enemy Camp to The 36 Stratagems. Added Move from What and How to Why, Relationships are Key Part 2 and Social Studies 101: Get schooled on getting help with social media to Guest articles. Added Passion and antipassion to Blog!


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Added Laughter Interrupt to Interrupting. Added Affection to Needs. Added Proving Worthiness to Status Games. Added What Men and Women Want to Evolution. Added Sow Seeds of Doubt to Being Right. Added Fling Open the Gates to the Empty City to The 36 Stratagems. Added It’s Just a Little White Lie…, Relationships are Key Part 1 and Personalizing Your Company to Guest articles. Added The Flight of Time to Blog!


Started Status Games in Relationships with Basic Status Game. Added Stress and Coping to Coping Mechanisms. Added Real Conspiracies to Conspiracy Theories. Added Reframe Criteria to Being Right. Added Use a Woman to Ensnare a Man to The 36 Stratagems. Added Raise the Sales Bar, iContact vs. Eye Contact: The PR Value of Networking and Go Ahead – Ask! to Guest articles. Added What is 'easy'? to Blog!


Added The Power Driver Method to More persuasion methods. Added Daydream Believer to Ways to Happiness. Added Real Conspiracies to Conspiracy Theories. Added Progressive Guesswork to Being Right. Added Make the Host and the Guest Exchange Places to The 36 Stratagems. Added Right and Wrong: Teaching Your Child About Morals, Are Your Greatest Strengths Holding You Back?, It’s Not about You and Qualities of a Sales Superstar to Guest articles. Added All day breakfast to Blog!


Added Five Dimensions of Emotion to Emotions. Added A Structured Method for Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Sales articles. Added The Value of Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracy Theories. Added The Mystic Fog to Being Right. Added Deck the Tree with Bogus Blossoms to The 36 Stratagems. Added Nobody Feels Confident the First Time They Try a Backflip, What To Do When You Get Tongue-Tied and Plan for the Long-term to Guest articles. Added Christmas Adverts to Blog!


Added Arousal and Addiction to Addiction. Added Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to Sales Articles. Added The Psychology of the Conspiracy Theorist to Conspiracy Theories. Added Misquote Research to Being Right. Added Pull Down the Ladder After the Ascent to The 36 Stratagems. Added Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 3, Talk is Cheap and How to Make Firing Someone Less Awful, for Both of You to Guest articles. Added Apology and trust to Blog!


Added Three Types of Persuasion to Articles on Persuasion. Added The Arousal Rollercoaster to Emotions. Added How to Build a Conspiracy Theory to Conspiracy Theories. Added Be Mostly Right to Being Right. Added Play Dumb While Remaining Smart to The 36 Stratagems. Added Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 2, Why Compromise Is A Flawed Model and Powerful PR: Be a Great Storyteller! to Guest articles. Added How about that, then to Blog!


Added Common Fears to Emotions. Added Why Do We Play Games? to Games Articles. Added Principles of Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracy Theories. Added Ignore Objections to Being Right. Added Point at the Mulberry and Curse the Locust to The 36 Stratagems. Added Maximize Your Distraction: 3 Criteria for Wasting Time on the Web, Persistence Enables Unexpected Growth Part 1 and Everyone Sells to Guest articles. Added Culture, Courage and Whistleblowers to Blog!


Added Give and Take to Relationships. Added CNVC Needs Inventory to Needs. Added Five Motivations for Conspiracies to Conspiracy Theories. Added Predict Future Rightness to Being Right. Added Replace the Beams and Pillars with Rotten Timber to The 36 Stratagems. Added Do You Have I Trouble?, Never Underestimate Self-motivation and Three Situations That Call For a Red Team to Guest articles. Added Smile and survive to Blog!


Added 5 Cs of Body Language to Using Body Language. Added Berrien's Persuasion Tools Model to Articles on persuasion. Added Types of Conspiracy to Conspiracy Theories. Added Creating Truth to Being Right. Added Obtain Safe Passage to Conquer the Kingdom of Guo to The 36 Stratagems. Added Insight Selling - What is insight, and why do it?, What Language Are You Speaking?, Never Criticize Your Competitors and How to Close the Passion Gap: 3 Ways to Infuse Purpose to Guest articles. Added The Garden of Words to Blog!


Added The Challenge Interrupt to Interrupting. Added Needs: Independent, Grouped, Hierarchy or Network? to Needs. Added Conspiracy Theories to Techniques for Changing Minds, starting with Conspiring Organisations. Added Ambiguous Statements to Being Right. Added Befriend a Distant State While Attacking a Neighbor to The 36 Stratagems. Added There Are Two Ways to Light a Fire, Insight Selling: Challenger Sale or Fail?, Necessary Skills of Sales Part 6 and Why Redundant Paperwork is Ruining Everything to Guest articles. Added Weird old tips to Blog!


Started Being Right in General persuasion techniques with Assert Rightness. Added Flip a Coin to Negotiation Tactics. Added Deciding to Persuade to Articles on Persuasion. Added Postmodernism and Truth to Critical theory concepts. Added Shut The Door to Catch the Thief to The 36 Stratagems. Added The Social Aspect of Intelligence, The Hidden Cause of the Congressional Stalemate and Logic + Emotion = a Compelling Case to Guest articles. Added The Business Dinner to Blog!


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Added The Polarization of Truth to Decisions. Added Compulsion, Obsession and Addiction to Motivation. Added Three Ingredients of Happiness to Happiness. Added Silent Supporter to Interrogation. Added Slough Off the Cicada's Shell to The 36 Stratagems. Added Open Up!Why Trying To Be Liked Is the Death Knell for Happiness and Success and Necessary Skills of Sales Part 5 to Guest articles. Added Line breaks and holding attention to Blog!


Added The Need to Possess to Needs. Added Erosion to Principles of War. Added Distancing to Coping Mechanisms. Added Unique, Selling and Proposition to Sales articles. Added Fish in Troubled Waters to The 36 Stratagems. Added Review: Selling With Noble Purpose, by Lisa Earle McLeod to Book reviews. Added From Insight to Outsight, Necessary Skills of Sales Part 4 and The Power of Persistence and Determination to Guest articles. Added How to remember 60,000 words to Blog!


Added Pressing Buttons to More persuasion methods. Added Emotion and Investment to Emotions. Added Make Plans to Ways to Happiness. Added Staging the Outside of the House to Home Staging. Added Remove the Firewood from Under the Cauldron to The 36 Stratagems. Added Necessary Skills of Sales Part 3, A Difference of Opinion and Social Self: Self-presentation in the era of the Internet to Guest articles. Added Email spam and subject titles to Blog!


Added Take a Break to Negotiation Tactics. Added Rights vs Duties to Preferences. Added The Need for Home to Needs. Added Staging the Front of the House to Home Staging. Added Capture the Ringleader to Catch the Bandits to The 36 Stratagems. Added Maybe There is More than One Right Way, Necessary Skills of Sales Part 2 and Resume Writing Resources and Tips: Leveraging Keywords to Get Your Resume the Attention it Deserves to Guest articles. Added Remember your grandparents! to Blog!


Added There are no nos to Negotiation articles. Added Fait Accompli to More persuasion methods. Added Get a Promise to Change Techniques. Added Staging the Garden to Home Staging. Added Cast a Brick to Attract Jade to The 36 Stratagems. Added The Honorable Way to Break a Promise, Necessary Skills of Sales Part 1 and Accomplishing "Just One Thing" Gives You Permission to Relax to Guest articles. Added A Tale of Two Doctors to Blog!


Added The Need for Acceptance to Needs. Added Suggest Facilitation to Negotiation Tactics. Added The Ansoff Matrix to Marketing Strategy. Added Staging the Study to Home Staging. Added Snag the Enemy by Letting Him Off the Hook to The 36 Stratagems. Added Why Bosses And Teachers Have So Much Power Over Families, Trust Is a Two-Way Street and Making Your Net Work Part 8 to Guest articles. Added How to handle men in three easy steps to Blog!


Added Four Places to Deliver the Key Message to Articles on Persuasion. Added Entertainment Preferences to Preferences. Added The Typical Commercial Sales Process to Sales articles. Added Staging the Den to Home Staging. Added Lure the Tiger Out of the Mountains to The 36 Stratagems. Added When Your Trust Has Been Violated, Making Your Net Work Part 7, ‘Launch’ Author Michael Stelzner Teaches Businesses to Grow by Being Generous and Why We Make Inaccurate Assessments About Other People to Guest articles. Added I'm glad I'm not a woman to Blog!


Added The Lemons Market to Marketing Articles. Added Food Control to Negotiation Tactics. Added Choice vs. Decision to Decisions. Added Staging the Lounge to Home Staging. Added Raise a Corpse From the Dead to The 36 Stratagems. Added Button Pushing, What’s Your Problem?, Making Your Net Work Part 6 and Data, Technology and the Psychology of Social Behaviors: How Obama ‘socialized’ politics to Guest articles. Added Be more dog to Blog!


Added It'll be Alright on the Night to Negotiation Tactics. Added What is Luck? to Meaning. Added Enabling Beliefs to Beliefs. Added Staging the Hallways to Home Staging. Added Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake to The 36 Stratagems. Added Sales follow-up strategies that go way beyond ‘touching base’, What the Worst Companies to Work for in America Have in Common and Making Your Net Work Part 5 to Guest articles. Added Book review: Smart Sales Manager to Book reviews. Added How the Mighty Fall: The Three Ages of the Great Company to Blog!


Added Music and Dance to Ways to Happiness. Added PESTLE Analysis to Understanding Markets. Added Me-We Persuasion Styles to Articles on persuasion. Added Staging the Bedroom to Home Staging. Added Take the Opportunity to Pilfer a Goat to The 36 Stratagems. Added 3 Big Fears, Assumptions Derail Communication, From Networking to Mastermind Alliance and Making Your Net Work Part 4 to Guest articles. Added The formation of value words to Blog!


Added Interview Follow-up Communication to Job Finding. Added Pregiving to Sequential Requests. Added Easy Decisions to Decisions. Added Staging the Bathroom to Home Staging. Added Sacrifice a Plum Tree to Save a Peach Tree to The 36 Stratagems. Added The Platinum Rule, Making Your Net Work Part 3 and Cutting Clichés to Guest articles. Added How to demotivate children (and teachers) to Blog!


Added Four Persuasion Styles to Articles on persuasion. Added The Need for Meaning to Needs. Added The Zone Defense to Negotiation Tactics. Added Staging the Kitchen to Home Staging. Added Hide a Knife in a Smile to The 36 Stratagems. Added Are You Asking the Right Question?, Making Your Net Work Part 2 and Do You Know How Much Business You Have Lost Because Of Your Listening Skills? to Guest articles. Added Why science and religion are the same to Blog!


Added Rollercoastering to Negotiation Tactics. Added Doing Mail Surveys to Market Research. Added The Need for Respect to Needs. Added Zoning to Home Staging. Added Watch the Fires Burning Across the River to The 36 Stratagems. Added What Value Do You Place on Learning?, Making Your Net Work Part 1 and How to Listen to Hear What's Intended to Guest articles. Added Sell food to hungry people to Blog!


Added Seven Barriers to Good Communication to Communication Articles. Added Styles of Agreement to Decisions. Added Denouement to Story Devices. Added Vistas and Home Staging Principles to Home Staging. Added Pretend to Take One Path While Sneaking Down Another to The 36 Stratagems. Added Prospecting Effectively - Offline and Online, Selling Starts with Inspiring Others and Are you listening to the wrong feedback? to Guest articles. Added Principles of persuasive design to Blog!


Added Acting With Aplomb to Self-development. Added Confident Body Language to Using Body Language. Added The Psychic's Seven to Needs. Added Composition to Home Staging. Added Create Something Out Of Nothing to The 36 Stratagems. Added Never, Ever Assume, Maintaining a Strong Work Ethic, You’re in sales, you’re too stupid to understand and Why Most Bosses Are Self-Absorbed and How Not To Be a Jerk to Guest articles. Added Boosting minority performance to Blog!


Added The Decay of Belief to Beliefs. Added Social Restoration to Willpower. Added Blackmail to Negotiation Tactics. Added The Elevator Pitch to Self-development. Added Welcoming to Home Staging. Added Make a Feint to the East While Attacking in the West to The 36 Stratagems. Added 6 tips for dealing with a workplace dispute, 3 Insidious Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Life, Is the Low-Hanging Fruit Really Worth Your Time? and Lunch is for Losers Part 2 to Guest articles. Added What's in a name? It depends how you make it to Blog!


Added Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Self-development. Added Fallback to Objection-handling. Added Decision Criteria to Decisions. Added Neutral to Home Staging. Added Loot a Burning House to The 36 Stratagems. Added The Language of Leaders, part 2, Lunch is for Losers Part 1, Three Things the Smog of Beijing Could Not Conceal and  'Marketing' Stall - Rethink your next pitch to Guest articles. Added The Composite Persuasion to Book reviews. Added Gripping fun to Blog!


Added Nested Stories to Story Devices. Added Embodied Persuasion to Understanding body language. Added The Social Value of Being Different to Identity (and Groups). Added Fixed to Home Staging. Added Relax While the Enemy Exhausts Himself to The 36 Stratagems. Added Top 10 Sales Myths Debunked, The Language of Leaders, part 1, Lessons of a Startup Part 2 and Why Servant Leadership Is Slightly Off, And What to Do Instead to Guest articles. Added To hell with it to Blog!


Added Reiss' 16 Human Needs to Needs. Added The Action-Consequence Consideration Matrix to Decisions. Added Selling to the Relaxed Buyer to Sales articles. Added Tidy to Home Staging. Added Kill With a Borrowed Knife to The 36 Stratagems. Added The Greater Need, Lessons of a Startup Part 1 and Why Compromise Never Works (and What to Do Instead) to Guest articles. Added The smell of anxiety to Blog!


Added Blessed Relief to Ways to Happiness. Added Decisional Balance to Decisions. Added Status Values to Values. Added Spacious to Home Staging. Added Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao to The 36 Stratagems. Added Why No One Seems to Be Fighting Fair, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 6 and 3 Things Successful Happy People Do Differently to Guest articles. Added Happiness, Busy-ness and Laziness to Blog!


Added Extremist Argument to Articles about Argument. Added Misleading Vividness to Fallacies. Added Marketing Messages to Marketing Articles. Added Listening to Anger to Listening. Added Fragrant to Home Staging. Started The 36 Stratagems, in Detail to Warfare with Fool the Sky to Cross the Sea. Added DWYSYWD in Sales, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 5 and How Biz Blab and Manipulation Erode the Nobility of Sales to Guest articles. Added The simple complexity of avoidant instructions to Blog!


Added Understanding, Not Agreement to Negotiation Tactics. Added Positive Emotions to Emotions. Added ARCS Motivation Model to Motivation. Added Clean to Home Staging. Added the last section, The Annotated Art of War (Parts 13.26-27: Conclusion) to The Annotated Art of War. Added Don’t Miss a Buying Signal, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 4 and The Power of Uncertainty: How to become the most persuasive person in the room to Guest articles. Added Asking for the Truth to Blog!


On holiday.


Started Market Research with In-depth Market Research. Added Deducing Our Selves to Identity. Added Climactic Closure to Storytelling articles. Added Temperate to Home Staging. Added Parts 13.21-25: Using The Five Classes of Spies to The Annotated Art of War. Added Continuances Don’t Advance the Sale, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 3 and Are Your Metaphors Ruining Your Relationships? to Guest articles. Added Blue Lights Behind to Blog!


Added Inquiry Arousal to Motivation. Added Evolution and Religion to Evolution. Added How to Deliver Bad News to Communication Articles. Started Home Staging in Techniques with Light. Added Parts 13.14-20: Using Spies to The Annotated Art of War. Added Handling Your Own Call Reluctance, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 2 and Walls or Windows: An Active Approach to a Superior Work Environment to Guest articles. Added What is winning? to Blog!


Added Play Dumb to Negotiation Tactics. Added Perceptual Arousal to Motivation. Added Knowledge Paralysis to Decisions. Added Mind-Reading Mistakes to Relationships. Added The Power of Abbreviation to Persuasive Language. Added Parts 13.7-13: Five Classes of Spies to The Annotated Art of War. Added Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Key Steps to Enhance Your Customer Service Part 1 and Who Are You Letting Into Your Head? to Guest articles. Added The three Ls of a good marriage to Blog!


Added Whistleblowing to More persuasion methods. Added Three Ps of Persuasiveness to Articles on persuasion. Added The Identifiable Victim Effect to Academic Theories. Added Price Not Negotiable to Negotiation Tactics. Added Parts 13.4-6: Foreknowledge to The Annotated Art of War. Added Boost Your Personal Effectiveness – Part 2, Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer Part 4 and Reinventing You: Why Defining Your “Brand” Matters to Guest articles. Added Extremism and Anger to Blog!


Added Misleading Information to Negotiation Tactics. Added Creating Physical Arousal to Creating Arousal. Added Them and Us to Sociology. Added Selling Scarce Products to Sales articles. Added The Drop-in-the-Ocean Effect to Decisions. Added Parts 13.1-3: War is Expensive to The Annotated Art of War. Added Boost Your Personal Effectiveness – Part 1, Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer Part 3, and Buying Patterns, Buy Cycle, Buying Decisions to Guest articles. Added The Cult of the Average to Blog!


Added All I've Got to Negotiation Tactics. Added The Power of Apology to Relationships. Added Creating Cognitive Arousal to Creating Arousal. Added The Dark Triad to Personality Disorders. Added Blocking to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.17-22: Waste Not to The Annotated Art of War. Added Let's Be Fair, Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer Part 2, and How to Protect Yourself from Being Hit in the Gut by the Two-By-Four Called Love to Guest articles. Added Being Welsh to Blog!


Added Using Policy to Persuade to More persuasion methods. Added Creating Arousal to Motivation starting with Creating Emotional Arousal. Added Market Research Interviews to Understanding Markets. Added Difficult Decisions to Decisions. Added Defending to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.15-16: Encouraging Enterprise to The Annotated Art of War. Added Turning Your Back on the Crowd, Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer Part 1 and Walk The Line: Keep It Clear & Simple While Still Offering Multiple Options to Guest articles. Added The Purpose of Art to Blog!


Added Illogic to Conversion techniques. Added Evolutionary Drivers to Evolution. Added Intent to Motivation. Added Arousal Conflict to Internal CIA Conflicts. Added Attacking to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.13-14: Using Water to The Annotated Art of War. Added Candidly SpeakingInmate Satisfaction, Facilitative Questions: Questions That Facilitate Change With Integrity and 5 Rules To Guarantee Engagement During Your Presentation to Guest articles. Added Selling to job-hunters to Blog!


Added Absolute Authority to Conversion techniques. Added Empathetic Language to Building Rapport. Added Bribery to Negotiation Tactics. Added Identity Conflict to Internal CIA Conflicts. Added Challenging to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.5-12: Five Developments to The Annotated Art of War. Added Why Other People Make It Hard To Get Things Done, How to Handle a Panel Interview and Important Early Sales Lessons to Guest articles. Added The flattering mirror to Blog!


Started Internal CIA Conflicts in Needs with Control Conflict. Added Creating Curiosity to Motivation. Added Teasing to Relationships. Added Two Types of Criticism to Communication Articles. Added Avoiding to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.3-4: Seasons to The Annotated Art of War. Added Why Hating Rich People is Making You Broke and How to Prevent the Dreaded Burnout to Guest articles. Added Does money make you happy? to Blog!


Added Make a Mountain out of a Molehill to Negotiation Tactics, Added Create Empathy to Building Rapport. Added Pre-apology to Persuasive Language. Added Following Requests to Ingratiation. Added Disagreeing to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 12.1-2: Five Ways to The Annotated Art of War. Added Hiring Within Your Culture, What is the Poison Person Costing You? and The Role Of Systems, Bias, And Emotion: The Missing Piece In Decision Facilitation to Guest articles. Added Deconstructing 'Keep Calm and Carry On' to Blog!


Added Reasonable or Right to Storytelling articles. Added Mainstreaming to Marketing Articles. Added Feather-bedding to Ingratiation. Added Good Communication to Organizational Communication. Added Supporting to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.52-55: Alliances to The Annotated Art of War. Added Training every day for changing minds and persuasion, Finding the Decision Maker and How 2 Minutes of Power Posing Can Make You More Confident to Guest articles. Added More Good Service to Blog!


Added A Four Stage Negotiation Process to Negotiation articles. Added Imperfect Recall to Ways to Happiness. Added Face-saving to Ingratiation. Added Employee Communication to Organizational Communication. Added Self-promotion to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.60-68: More Tactics to The Annotated Art of War. Added The Easier Form of Hacking: Social Engineering, Gaining Competitive Insights and The New Relationship Manager: how to differentiate yourself to Guest articles. Added Hey, your computer booted up 102% quicker! to Blog!


Added Creating a Constructive Negotiation Climate to Negotiation activities. Added A New Look at Jungian Dimensions to Preferences. Added The 'Other' in Story to Characters in a Story. Added Facilitation to Ingratiation. Added The Grapevine to Organizational Communication. Added Excluding to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.56-59: Confusing Leadership to The Annotated Art of War. Added Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 9, To Sell Is Human (Whether You Like It or Not) and You think know your buyer. You don't to Guest articles. Added Selling Saturdays to Book reviews. Added Air fresheners and adaptation to Blog!


Added Four Reasons Why We Get Angry to Emotions. Added Four Knowledge Capability Levels to Learning. Added Favors to Ingratiation. Added Outward to Organizational Communication. Added Including to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.41-51: Nine Ground Measures to The Annotated Art of War. Added Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 8 and How does social networking help make the sale? to Guest articles. Added Famous for fifteen minutes to Blog!


Added Infant Humor to Using Humor. Added Fawning to Ingratiation. Added Horizontal Communication to Organizational Communication. Added Building to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.38-40: No Way Back to The Annotated Art of War. Added Leveraging Your Employee Performance Appraisal Process to Facilitate Change, Overcoming Inferiority Complex and Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 7 to Guest articles. Added Doggy game theory to Blog!


Added Money Words to Persuasive Language. Started Ingratiation in General persuasion techniques with Flattery. Added Upward Communication to Organizational Communication. Added Living Without Blame to Blame. Added Checking to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.35-37: Secrecy to The Annotated Art of War. Added Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 6, Why I Want To Invent a Time Machine for Empathy and Receive generosity to Guest articles. Added Luck, numbers and wishful thinking to Blog!


Added How to Tell When Customers Are Ready to Buy to Sales articles. Started Organizational Communication in Communication with Downward Communication. Added Emotions and Blame to Blame. Added Summarizing to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.32-34: Leading Everyone to The Annotated Art of War. Added Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 5, One Big Idea From Improv That Will Make You More Successful (And Stylish) and 7 Killer Steps to Create a Kick Ass Sales Proposal to Guest articles. Added The End of the World to Blog!


Added Floppy Requests to Negotiation articles. Added Superiority Words to Persuasive Language. Added Type of Fear to Emotions. Added What Makes a Sales Person Great? to Sales articles. Added Why We Blame Ourselves to Blame. Added Proposing to Elements of the Conversation. Added Parts 11.29-31: Mutual Support and the Shuai-jan Snake to The Annotated Art of War. Added Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 4,  Ways to Get Over Yourself in Under 5 Minutes, Does Social Networking Really Work? and Non-verbal communication to Guest articles. Added Negative negotiations to Blog!


Added Will and Power to Power. Added The Beliefs of Blame to Blame. Added Changing Habits With Small Wins to Habit. Added Asserting to Elements of the Conversation. Added How to Persuade With Willpower to Willpower. Added Your Customers' Customers to Marketing. Added Parts 11.20-28: Motivating Soldiers to The Annotated Art of War. Added What’s In a Name?, Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 3, Focus on Leadership and Improve Your Safety Levels and Does Social Networking Really Work? to Guest articles. Added Getting good service to Blog!


Added Thick Black Theory to Power. Added Why We Blame Others to Blame. Added Useful Habits to Habit. Added Asking to Elements of the Conversation. Added Share Good News to Ways to Happiness. Added Value Exchange to Marketing. Added Parts 11.15-19: Division, Moves and Speed to The Annotated Art of War. Added It’s Time to Think, Forty Ways to Ruin a Sale...and How to Avoid Them Part 2 and It Pays to Go the Extra Mile to Guest articles. Added Our helpful brains to Blog!


Moving house. Hope to be back online asap (provider willing).


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Added The Set-point Theory of Happiness to Happiness. Added Decision Fatigue to Decisions. Added Ability to Change to Change Readiness. Added Games as Self-Development to Game Design. Added Be Charitable to Willpower. Added Parts 5.12-15: Decision to The Annotated Art of War. Added Are you aggressive or assertive? Frantic or focused?, Leave the Red Zone, Handwriting-based Lie Detection, Cold Calling Works – and it’s fun! and iContact vs. Eye Contact: The PR Value of Networking to Guest articles. Added Review: The Psychology Book to Book reviews. Added Store designs that work to Blog!


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Added Diagram Close to Closing techniques. Added Value to Motivation. Added Horney's Neurotic Needs to Needs. Added Arousal Personality Types to Preferences. Added Gaming as Time-Wasting to Game Design. Added Willpower Style to Willpower. Added Parts 5.3-6: Direct and Indirect to The Annotated Art of War. Added Why Purpose Matters: Four Business Reasons Plus One Emotional One, How do you buy? Steps in a buying decision, Face-to-Face PR: Networking Works if You Choose Wisely, Are You a Team Player? and Make the offering to Guest articles. Added The extrinsic end of education to Blog!


Added The CIA Needs Model to Needs. Added Three Types of Arousal to Motivation. Started Game Design in Disciplines with What is a Game? and Gaming as Comfort. Added Willpower Exercises to Willpower with Start Small. Added Parts 5.1-2: Large and Small to The Annotated Art of War. Added Think Different - About Marketing, My Job is to Start a Conversation, Get Your Organization "On Message" to Be Memorable and Grab the Attention of All of Your Important Audiences and Love It or It’s Free: How to Write Compelling Guarantee Offers How to get your customers to believe your "satisfaction guaranteed" offer to Guest articles. Added Real intimacy to Blog!


Added The Fundamental Question to Leadership articles. Added Bite-sized Chunks to Speaking Tips. Added Arousal Thresholds to Motivation. Added Conversion Theory to Academic Theories. Added Take Glucose to Willpower. Added Parts 4.16-20: Military Method to The Annotated Art of War. Added Why Hope Is A Great Strategy, Where does selling begin? Activate the buying journey immediately, You’re the leader, what are you thinking?, Time is Money and Say thanks to Guest articles. Added Sexy screen locations to Blog!


Added Urges to Motivation. Added My Agenda, Your Agenda to Assertiveness. Added ADMO to Models of Communication. Added Assertive Body Language to Using Body Language. Added Pride Thinking to Willpower. Added Parts 4.8-15: Excellence to The Annotated Art of War. Added Using Verbal Context in Lie Detection, One Dysfunction per Generation Isn’t Too Bad, Develop New Selling Skills to Develop Your Sales Career, Don’t beat up yourself, Solution Selection: do we know how buyers choose one solution over another? and How to Get Press Coverage at Trade Shows to Guest articles. Added The smell of fear to Blog!


Added Hot and Cold Emotions to Emotions. Added Your Bill of Rights to Assertiveness. Added Four Models of Relating to Relationships. Added Placebo Effect to Academic Theories. Added Future Focus to Willpower. Added Parts 4.1-7: Defend or Attack to The Annotated Art of War. Added 7 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves, Organizational Gravity: Three Steps to Foster Continuous Improvement, Defy Obsolescence and Take Flight, Keys to the Gatekeeper, One Simple Thing To Make People Like You More and How to unite your team through teambuilding to Guest articles. Added Obviously, you must believe me to Blog!


Added McKee's Admonishments to Storytelling articles. Added Expressing Feelings to Assertiveness. Added Giving Feedback to The Coaching Process. Added Goal Focus to Willpower. Added Parts 16-18: Five Essentials for Victory to The Annotated Art of War. Added The Challenger Sale to Book reviews. Added Performance Reviews, Santa and the Slack Factor, How to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly, Communication Strategies, Systems, and Skills, Top Ten Sales Books of All Time, Admit fault and move on and “But I talk to everyone this way”: the difference between selling patterns and buying patterns to Guest articles. Added The days are long but the years are short to Blog!


Added Chewing Helps Thinking to Meaning. Added Frame of Reference to Models. Added The Walk-away Trap to Negotiation Mistakes. Added Demonizing Outsiders to Groups. Added Changing Belief to Willpower. Added Parts 3.11-15: Bringing Misfortune to The Annotated Art of War. Added One Free Thing That Will Make Your Life Better Next Year, The differences between the solution sale and the buying decision: let’s go to a wedding, How To Get Change Management on the Project Management Agenda, Top Ten Solution Sales Questions and Be the body to Guest articles. Added National treasures to Blog!


Added Brockriede's Six Argument Characteristics to Making the Argument. Added The Ignorance Trap to Learning Theory. Added No Need to Resisting persuasion. Added Rewarding to Willpower. Added Parts 3.6-10: Fighting Strategy to The Annotated Art of War. Added Managing Your Online Brand in the World’s Best & Worst Marketplace, The Charismatic Leader – Diamond Performance, Executive Coaching and Debriefing for Corporate Leadership Development Programs, How To Get People To Buy Into Your Ideas, Beethoven Goes Guerilla and 5 copywriting judo moves every copywriter should know to Guest articles. Added Christmas messages to Blog!


Added Story is... to Storytelling articles. Added Social Styles to Preferences. Added Radicalization to Conversion techniques. Added Incubating Decisions to Decisions. Added Actualizer Needs to Needs. Added Parts 3.1-5: Avoid Battle to The Annotated Art of War. Added Back to basics, 10 Ways to Realize Hidden Opportunities, When Do Buyers Buy?, 4 practical ways to sell without writing a sales pitch, How to Create a Killer Sales Proposal and The Four Cornerstones of Superior Customer Service to Guest articles. Added Media, decency and success to Blog!


Added Synchrony to Diffusion. Added The Knowledge Trap to Learning Theory. Added PERMA to Motivation. Added Group Interests to Groups. Added Stockholm Syndrome to Academic Theories. Added Parts 2.19-20: Victory not Campaigns to The Annotated Art of War. Added The Ophiuchus Effect, Are you an additive person or a subtractive one?, How to Create a Year End Sales Blitz, Busy People Make Time! and How to inspire your team to Guest articles. Added The power of unconditional love to Blog!


Added Preparation and Confirmation to Coping Mechanisms. Added Earlier Adopters to Diffusion. Added Soft Power to Power. Added Determination to Willpower. Added Parts 2.16-18: Rewarding Troops to The Annotated Art of War. Added Failure Is An Option, How To Enjoy Your Life Even When You Can’t Slow Down, Who’s in the meeting – and who’s not?, Feedback: Some People Can't Handle the Truth, Increase Your Sales by Mastering the Art of Follow-Up and Say thanks to Guest articles. Added Free (again) to Blog!


Added Disbelief to Beliefs. Added Engaging Hobby to Ways to Happiness. Added Shame Thinking to Willpower. Added The Persecutor-Victim Paradox to Bullying. Added Parts 2.8-15: Foraging to The Annotated Art of War. Added Memories: Are you Making Them With Clients?, 12 Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers don’t buy, How to Win Visibility (and even get your story told in the press), What is Your Customer's Price Tolerance Ratio? and Growing with Change to Guest articles. Added Black Friday, Big Deal to Blog!


Added Persuasion SPICE to Overall persuasion methods. Added Attributional Style to Preferences. Added Individual vs. Group to Evolution. Added Goal Focus to Willpower. Added Types of bullying to Bullying. Added Parts 2.2-7 Brevity to The Annotated Art of War. Added Mesmerized, 30 Proven Ways to Be More Persuasive, Why Your Sales Cycle is So Long (Hint: It’s Not About Your Solution), Being "On Message" Equals Higher Sales, How to get your Sales Team Motivated & Crushing Targets, How CHOICE can make CLOSING Easier and Friend or Foe? to Guest articles. Added Respectful commitment to Blog!


Added Defending to Groups. Added Moore's Causal Theory of Excuse to Excuses. Added Refuting Excuses to Willpower. Started Bullying in Behaviors and Explanations with What is Bullying?. Added Lower and Slower to Speaking Tips. Added Part 2.1: Expense to The Annotated Art of War. Added 4 Well-Intended Comments That Suck The Life Out Of People, Provocation-based selling: proving pain does not close a sale, Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs, Manage Things, Lead People, If You Have Rapport With Your Customers, They Are More Likely To … and Use a Contest to Increase Sales and Build Morale to Guest articles. Added 11-11-11, 11:11 to Blog!


Added Part 1.26: Calculations to The Annotated Art of War. Added Conformance to Groups. Added Apologia Models to Excuses. Added Remembering Values to Willpower. Added Manage the small talk to Steering the conversation. Added Locus of Control to Preferences. Added Fixing The Keyword Problem, Why the Customer Isn’t Always Right, Compensating our sales folks, To Train or Not to Train: Why Spend Money on Sales Training?, Lost In A Sea of Trouble, The real reason why your dreams are not coming true and Management vs. Leadership to Guest articles. Added Selling the future to Blog!


Added Parts 1.18-25: Deception to The Annotated Art of War. Added Common Fate and Cooperation to Groups. Added Justification and Excuse to Excuses. Added Changing Belief to Willpower. Added Manage the process to Steering the conversation Added How do Leaders create change that really works?, Assessing Our Ability to Influence Others, The Sales Rep Who Loved, and Why You Should Be Very Afraid, Overcoming Initial Resistance- We Just Want the Price, Pick Your Words to Deliver a Better Customer Experience, Why not Fire your Entire Sales Force?, The Red Team: A Simple But Effective Method to Improve Mission Planning, Spectator or Sportsman and “Buy on Emotion” now supported by brain scans to Guest articles. Added Activism and happiness to Blog!


Added Parts 1.15-17: Appreciate Advice to The Annotated Art of War. Added Minimum Group Size to Groups. Added Schlenker’s Triangle to Excuses. Added Getting others to do what they don't have to do to Articles About Change. Added Refusal to Willpower. Added Initiate new topics to Steering the conversation Added Why Your Customer Doesn’t Like Your Price, Do it Now!, So, what is Sales 2.0? ... Anyone?, Please Let Me Compliment Your Kid Without Ruining It, Big Marketing Power in a Little Word, To Tell The Truth and Do you really understand how your buyers buy? to Guest articles. Added The fame curve to Blog!


Added Parts 1.13-14: Seven Considerations to The Annotated Art of War. Added Synchrony and Cooperation to Groups. Added Linkage and Valence to Excuses. Added Replacement to Willpower. Added Steering the conversation to Conversation techniques with Control answering of questions. Added Conflict Resolution: Why Fighting Makes Things Better, Six ways to engage your entire organization, Selling doesn’t cause buying, What "We're Not Buying Today" Really Means. Overcoming Initial Resistance in Sales, Some Very Worrying Facts About Customer Service and Drop tart tone to Guest articles. Added How To Click With People to Book reviews. Added Are long queues to pay a good thing? to Blog!


Started The Annotated Art of War in Warfare, with Parts 1.1-2: Importance and Parts 1.3-12: Five Constant Factors. Added Minimum Group Bonding to Groups. Added A Good Excuse to Excuses. Added Added Cost to Willpower. Added Self-Regulation Theory to Academic Theories. Added StorySelling “How to Write Mini User Stories”, Are Followers the Leaders of the Future?, Karma: Is It Woo-Woo Or Is It Real?, What is a seller's priority?, What separates the Great Sales Pros from ‘the rest’? Probably not what you first think… and Lower the pressure to Guest articles. Added Review: Fearless Change to Book reviews. Added Steve Jobs, Genius to Blog!


Added Natural Comforters to Managing Stress. Added The Power of Minorities to Groups. Added Unlikely to Excuses. Added Interruption to Willpower. Added Short pauses to Speaking Tips. Added Amplification Hypothesis to Academic Theories. Added The Four Step Process I Use When Probing For Pain, 9 Sales Steps that Influence a Buying Decision, The Terrible Thing That Happened While I Wasn’t Looking, StorySelling: How to get past your Buyer’s defensive wall and create a need and Why is SALES such a Dirty Word? to Guest articles. Added Book Review: The Five Percent by Peter Coleman to Book reviews. Added A pattern of change to Blog!


Added Subjective Well-Being to Ways to Happiness. Added Boundary Management to Groups. Added Transcendence to Excuses. Added How Will Fails to Willpower. Added Types of Model to Models. Added 9 Easy Ways to Get Your Brand Recognized, Empathy & Innovation: An Unexpected Pairing That Will Solve Any Problem, How Big Are You Thinking?, How to Gain Speed and Velocity For More Referrals (part one), How to make a Proper Cold Call from Scratch: Part Two and What happens when you look at someone? to Guest articles. Added Bias and imagination to Blog!


Added Stop Judging to Ways to Happiness. Added Induction to Groups. Added Social Priority to Excuses. Added Willpower as Muscle to Willpower. Added Process Scripts to Models. Added Valence Effect to Academic Theories. Added How do you buy? Steps in a buying decision, A Lesson in sales from... The British Automotive Industry, How To Differentiate Yourself in 1 Minute Flat, Why I Study Seemingly Impossible Conflicts, The Only Way to Handle Price Objections, Effects-Based Thinking Part III and How to make a Proper Cold Call from Scratch: Part One. to Guest articles. Added Listening changes to Blog!


Added Positivity principle to Persuasion principles. Added Types of Entry to Groups. Added Restitution to Excuses. Added Domination to Willpower. Added Scripts to Models. Added The New World of SellingWho’s in the meeting – and who’s not?, Don't Let Sleep Disorders Prevent you From Being Healthy, Social Media as a Negotiating Tool, Writing Shortcuts That Make You More Successful And Better Loved, The Last, Last, Last Chance To Close The Sale and Using the Will: Key Points to Guest articles. Added Presenting values and 9/11: Ten years after to Blog!


Added Group Types to Groups. Added Provocation to Excuses. Started Willpower in Techniques for Changing Minds with What is Willpower? and Self-Control. Added Mental Models to Models. Added Sales Skills needed in the Cloud, Marketing automation follows a small segment of the buying decision path, How To Get Beyond The Gatekeepers While Job Hunting, Purpose Vs. Perfection: Why One Makes You Happy And The Other Makes You Miserable, What Are You Selling?, The How-To Sales Guide. How to Learn How to Sell and Today, Knowledge Really is THE Power! to Guest articles. Added Flowing into change to Blog!


Added Keep Busy to Ways to Happiness. Added CHaR to Sales methods. Added Berne's Six Hungers to Needs. Added Ego Depletion to Academic Theories. Added Progressive Demands to Conversion techniques. Added Mindful Presence, Why Salespeople Fail – & a Free Sales Health Check, How To Win The Hearts And Minds Of Other People, 5 Tips To Ensuring Your Resume Produces Top Results, Effects-Based Thinking: Part II and Lead Scoring Misses the Point to Guest articles. Added Change frustrations to Blog!


Started Models in Explanations, including Life Scripts. Added Moral Indignation to Excuses. Added Using Images to Persuade to More persuasion methods. Added Single Sufficiency to Ways to Happiness. Added Power and Lies to Power. Added Why Written Communication Matters More than Ever (And How to Write Well Even If You Weren't an English Major), The Leadership Formula, How to Encourage Sales To Think Like a CEO, Before You Sell Anything, You Have To Sell Yourself, 5 Reasons Jobseekers Should Use Twitter, How to get your Sales Team Motivated & Crushing Targets, and Selling Tips and Techniques to Increase Your Sales Performance to Guest articles. Added Repercussions of Rudeness to Blog!


Added Self-Control and Trust to Trust. Added Satisfy Needs to Ways to Happiness. Added Persuade by Pride, Not Shame to More persuasion methods. Added Fatigue to Academic Theories. Added Misunderstanding to Excuses. Added Types of speech to Public Speaking Articles. Added Strategic Planning and Effects-Based Thinking: Part 1, New Sales Techniques are Required in Today’s Economic Climate, Me? In La-La Land?, What, exactly, is a Relationship Manager?, 9 of the Best Sales Tips For High Performing Sales People, 7 Ways to Have a Great Life, Persuasion Principles: Getting People To Do What You Want to Guest articles. Added Becoming fearless to Blog!


Added Evolution and Cooperation to Evolution. Added Decision Points to Decisions. Added Managing Mistakes to Waiting Table. Added Invariance to Perception. Added Minimization to Excuses. Added Speaker Credibility to Public Speaking Articles. Added Change management and sales: influencing the buying decision path, Commission Only a Zero Sum Game, Activity Based Planning Leads to More Consistent Results and Recruit Your "Champions" to Help Spread the Word About Your Organization to Guest articles. Added Moving politicians to Blog!


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Added Rationing to Sales articles. Added Status to Relationships. Added Warmth and Competence to Emotions. Added Multistability to Perception. Added Illness to Excuses. Added Presentation and Learning Style to Public Speaking Articles. Added The How-To Sales Guide. How to Learn How to Sell, Why People Become Extremists During Arguments, Winning Is All About Influencing, 5 Reasons Why Recruiters Are Using Twitter for Recruitment — and why jobseekers should take notice!, The buyer's buying process vs. the sales model: two divergent roads and Don't rain on the parade  to Guest articles. Added Brown eyed dominance to Blog!


Added Mere Thought Effect to Academic Theories. Added Ask, Don't Tell to Articles on Tipping. Added Appeal to Flattery to Fallacies. Added Reification to Perception. Added Good Intention to Excuses. Added Audience-Centered Speaking to Public Speaking Articles. Added Customer Alchemy – Creating Better Customer Relationships, A Powerful Sales Technique Courtesy of Honest Abe, Go Ahead and Fire Your Customer, Don't Settle for Good Enough and Tune into others to Guest articles. Added Fruit looking good to Blog!


Added Patterns in Personality Disorders to Personality Disorders. Added Attack Negativity to Resisting persuasion. Added Emergence to Perception. Added Forgetting to Excuses. Added Public Speaking Articles with Benefits of Public Speaking and The Fear of Public Speaking to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Achieve Your Sales Goals Using the Power of the Mind, Should You Be a Big Fish in Two Ponds?, Why Avoiding Conflict Keeps You Trapped In It Forever, The Killer Sales App and Remember The Big Things to Guest articles. Added Crisis reactions to Blog!


Added Why we lie to Lying. Added Find Religion to Ways to Happiness. Added Regularity to Perception. Added External forces to Excuses. Added Understanding Regulations to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Walls or Windows: An Active Approach to a Superior Work Environment, Where does the buy-cycle start?, Networking as Your Sole Marketing Vehicle and Have You Got the Courage to Ask? to Guest articles. Added Successful Change to Book reviews. Added Is showing qualifications boasting? to Blog!


Added Positive Nostalgia to Ways to Happiness. Added Wrong Reason to Resisting persuasion. Added Prägnanz to Perception. Added Distraction and Explaining to Excuses. Added Preparing the room to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Let’s Talk Leadership: Give More to Get More!, Why giving everyone a trophy dumbs down the country, What are we paying our sales folks to do? and What did you learn from the last sale you lost? to Guest articles. Added The loneliness of the internal change agent to Blog!


Added Research Observations About Lying to Lying. Added Plutchik's Ten Postulates to Evolution. Added Hidden Agenda to Resisting persuasion. Added Counterattack and Deflection to Excuses. Added Seating Arrangements to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Putting a Lid on Cold Calling, Engage Your Prospect's Learning Style, An Easy Fix: Getting Rid of Clichés Will Make Your Organization's Communication More Effective and Three techniques of top performers to Guest articles. Added In the press to Blog!


Added Imitation to Evolution. Added Positive Reversal to Ways to Happiness. Added Threat Assessment to Meaning. Added Bolstering and Common Practice to Excuses. Added Common Fate to Perception. Added Catering Arrangements to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added 14 Signs You are a Sales Zombie, 3 Ways To Get Out of a Sales Slump Fast, Are Your Communication Strategies Really Engaging Employees?, Not Selling? Might Be Your Attitude! and How to evaluate the individuals in your network to strengthen/broaden your network to Guest articles. Added Expect positive negotiations to Blog!


Added Appeal to Spite to Fallacies. Added Trivializing to Resisting persuasion. Added Excuses to Conversation techniques, starting with Acceptance and Accident. Added Meet the Staff and Explore The Venue to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Self-Compassion to Ways to Happiness. Added Symmetry to Perception. Added Lessons from the Sales Field, Relax, You’ve Arrived, My thoughts about life trials and fate and First Contact: what to do, why, and how to get better results to Guest articles. Added Happiness is an option to Blog!


Added Invoke Rules to Negotiation tactics. Added Power Corrupts to Power. Added Disgust to Emotions. Added Six Elements of Special Operations to Articles on Warfare. Added Take A Break to Ways to Happiness. Added Similarity to Perception. Added Sales Habits, Don't Shoot from the Hip, Use a Script and Help Buyers Choose the Buying Decision Team: a case study to Guest articles. Added Have a heart, youngster! to Blog!


Added Untried to Resisting persuasion. Added Heart, Head, Hands to Sequential Requests. Added Working the Diagonals and  Walking On Stage to Public Speaking and Presentation. Added Narcissistic Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Closure and Proximity to Perception. Added Is Selling an Art or a Science?, Discounting to Create Cash Flow? Be Careful., Does Your Manager Have Leadership Skills? How Do You Know? and How to Handle Unsolicited Feedback to Guest articles. Added Connecting with celebs to Blog!


Added Inadequate to Resisting persuasion. Added Reification to Fallacies. Added Simplicity Principle to Persuasion principles. Added Young Male Syndrome to Evolution. Started Perception in Explanations with Gestalt Theory including Figure/Ground and Continuation. Added The Importance of Customer Service, Cross-Selling Takes Teamwork, 17 Best Practices of Top Performing Sales People and Buyers don't sit and wait for sellers to Guest articles. Added Connecting with your audience to Blog!


Added Final Request to More persuasion methods. Added Humanism and coaching to Coaching. Added Bad Idea to Resisting persuasion. Added Early Knowers to Diffusion. Added Distraction and Lying to Lying. Added Lessons from a Shopping Mall, Tips To Inspire The Sales Team, Conceive, Believe and Achieve!, How to Master a 30 Minute Sales Meeting and The Buyer’s Decision Path: why it’s important to sellers to Guest articles. Added Consultants and wagging the dog to Blog!


Added The Benefits of Trusting to Trust. Added Penny and Bun to Resisting persuasion. Added Echo Questions to Questioning Techniques. Added Contempt to Emotions.  Added Shock Opener to Parts of the Presentation in Public speaking. Added Complexity: The Execution Challenge You Don't See, The Dog Ate My Resume—How to Justify Work History Gaps, Sales Techniques and a Consultative Selling Guide for Today's Marketplace, How To Run An Effective Meeting and Why Aren’t Our Prospects Buying: the problem sales can’t solve to Guest articles. Added Royal wedding exhaustion to Blog!


Added Social Desirability to Motivation. Added Incremental Persuasion to More persuasion methods. Added Three Levels of Interpretation to Meaning. Added Too Much to Resisting persuasion. Added Dodging the Question to Questioning Techniques. Added Personalisation Opener to Parts of the Presentation in Public speaking. Added Sales Management Process: How to Improve Your Sales Team’s Effectiveness in a “Reset” Economy, Sweeping the Corners, How Not to Work Evenings & Weekends and How To Deal With Criticism From Your Sales Manager to Guest articles. Added Chatting up men to Blog!


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Added Seek Advice to Building Rapport. Added Gotcha to Resisting persuasion. Added Experiential Language to Persuasive Language. Added Psychopathic Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Amplification Opener to Parts of the Presentation in Public speaking. Added Open Questions and Closed Questions to Questioning techniques. Added Status Quo: How to help the Buyer change?, Are You Giving Away Your Profit?, The Secrets Of Inspirational Leadership, Sales Recruiting: A Talent Acquisition That Works and Sales Management: How to Find The Right Talent to Guest articles. Added Government, health, trust, knights and knaves to Blog!


Added Rules of Evolution to Evolution. Added Future Language to Persuasive Language. Added Propagate Problem to Resisting persuasion. Added Obsessive-Compulsive Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Puzzle Opener to Parts of the Presentation in Public speaking. Added Rediscovering Our Passion For Selling, “What Side of the Ball Do You Want to Play On?” The Importance of Listening, How To Quicken The Customer Buy Cycle, How To Improve Sales Negotiation Skills, Refresh your Lead Generation Process in 3 Easy Steps and What Leadership Was And What Leadership Has Become to Guest articles. Added Why April fools? to Blog!


Added Limits to Repetition to Using repetition. Added Beauty to Evolution. Added Complicated to Resisting persuasion. Added Relationship Development Stages to Relationships. Added Dependent Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Watch the Audience to Public speaking. Added The Best Information Comes From Short Questions, 30 Minutes To Closing More Sales- Part 2, The Benefit of Safety Debriefing – Developing a Culture of Learning through Lessons Learned and How to Gain Higher Profits with Customer Service to Guest articles. Added Chewing on stress to Blog!


Added Possibility Language to Persuasive Language. Added Residue Reasoning to Types of Reasoning. Added AAB Pattern to More persuasion methods. Added Knapp's Relational Development Model to Relationships. Added Avoidant Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Resume / CV Broadcasting Tips to Job Finding. Added Voice Roll to Public speaking. Added It’s Better to Be Different than It Is to Be Better, Einstein’s Kids Never Asked Him for Help With Their Math Homework, Effective Sales Management: The Importance of Sales Intelligence and Your Customer’s PIR: Price Investment Ratio to Guest articles. Added Being nice is good for you to Blog!


Added Slogans to Propaganda. Added Not Now to Resisting persuasion. Started Relationships in Explanations with Devito's Relationship Stages. Added Histrionic Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Email tips for job-hunters to Job Finding. Added Using Questions and Using Props to Public speaking. Added How to Be a True Leader and a Better Manager, Sales Techniques: Do You Want To Be A Million Dollar Sales Representative?, Qualities of a Sales Manager: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – Part 2, Self-Programming For Leadership and Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated In Sales to Guest articles. Added Judging eye-witness accuracy to Blog!


Added Sales Body Language to Sales articles. Added Evolution to Explanations including Mutation and Natural Selection. Added Borderline Personality to Personality Disorders. Added References / Referees to Job Finding. Added Using Your Voice and Using Flipcharts to Public speaking. Added Who Protects Your Greatest Vulnerability?, Sales Trends: The New Norm, 30 Minutes to Closing More Sales- Part 1, The cheapest cure for feeble Mindedness: a dose of Madness and Qualities of a Sales Manager: Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – Part 1 to Guest articles. Added Multiculturalism or integration to Blog!


Added Stroke a Dog to Ways to Happiness. Added Too Hard to Resisting persuasion. Added Antisocial Personality to Personality Disorders. Added How to Get Your Resume/CV Noticed to Job Finding. Added Use Technology and Using Your Body to Public speaking. Added Moving The Focus Away From The Leaders To The Followers, Top 10 Sales Coaching Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills and How to Confront Without Conflict to Guest articles. Added Out of the Box Marketing to Book reviews. Added Revolution, change and disappointment to Blog!


Added Schizotypal Personality to Personality Disorders. Added Hug Somebody to Ways to Happiness. Added Hugging to Using Body Language. Added Personal Information to Job Finding. Added classification pages to Figures of speech, including Amplification, Distortion, Emotion, Excess, Falsehood, Grammar, Hidden meaning, Humor, Meaning, Omission, Questioning, Rearrangement, Reasoning, Reduction, Reference, Repetition, Reversal, Sound and Substitution. Added Transitioning to Public speaking. Added Change management - a failure of structure and denial, 20 Tips From A Sales Coach To Increase Sales Productivity, The Nature Of Successful Leadership and Using Consultative Sales Techniques to Win Business Faster to Guest articles. Added Banishing blushing to Blog!


Started Personality Disorders in Personality with Paranoid Personality and Schizoid Personality. Added Fixing attention to Techniques of hypnotism. Added Activities to Job Finding. Added Zeugma to Figures of speech. Added Signpost and Speaking don'ts to Public speaking. Added The Secret Power of Commitments-Part 2, Leadership--Some Thoughts About Greatness and Fifty Cent … Not the Musician, the Deal Breaker to Guest articles. Added Harmonising and sensitivity to Blog!


Added The Big Lie to Propaganda. Added Force Multiplication to Articles on Warfare. Added Double Bind to More persuasion methods. Added Professional Membership to Job Finding. Added Tricolon to Figures of speech. Added Speak Expressively and Use Sensory Language to Public speaking. Added Top 5 Tips to Craft a Persuasive ArgumentRoberta Matuson’s Top 10 Tips for Managing Down, The Secret Power of Commitments and Healthy Living Is a Prerequisite for Success to Guest articles. Added The absent persuader to Blog!


Added Perceptual language to Persuasive Language. Added Kelman's Process of Opinion Change to Overall persuasion methods. Added Pre-thanking to More persuasion methods. Added Awards to Job Finding. Added Tmesis to Figures of speech. Added Set the Tone and Show You Care to Public speaking. Added Where’s Waldo? He’s in Texas Along With Your Sales Career, Five Reasons Why Nothing Has Changed in Your Organization and What Jordan Can Teach You About Selling to Guest articles. Added The second-oldest profession to Blog!


Added Theory of Mind to Academic Theories. Added Addressing Concerns to Change Techniques. Added Buying Process Management to Sales articles. Added Education to Job Finding. Added Tautology to Figures of speech. Added Reference Other Speakers and Repeat Key Phrase to Public speaking. Added Top 10 Tips For Managing Up in a Top Down World, A sale: objective or outcome? and Transforming our self-critical voice in our head into becoming a support to Guest articles. Added Competition, performance and cheating to Blog!


Added How Successful Businesses Fail to Leadership articles. Added Interrupted Routine to Story devices. Added Paraverbal Indicators of Lying to Lying. Added PARs to Job Finding. Added Subreption to Figures of speech. Added Memorize Key Points and Think Generously to Public speaking. Added Sales questions are hot now, Stop Taking It Personally and Harness the Power of Your Customers' Testimonials to Guest articles. Added How cats persuade to Blog!


Added Churchill and the Salt Cellar to Analysis. Added Four Components of Diffusion to Diffusion. Added The neuroscience of financial bubbles to Brain articles. Added Work Experience to Job Finding. Added Spoonerism to Figures of speech. Added Managing Attention and Managing Mistakes to Public speaking.  Added Why your Dentist is named Dennis, not James, Selling Refrigerators to Eskimos and In praise of Socrates, mediocrity, and stability with a nod to where Plato was coming from to Guest articles. Added The Persuasion God to Blog!


Added Truth by Association to More persuasion methods. Added Go For A Walk to Negotiation tactics. Added Evolution and Pleasure to Happiness. Added Objective and Skills Summary to Job Finding. Added Synonymia to Figures of speech. Added Keep It Simple and Listen to the Audience to Public speaking.  Added Um Hi, The Heart of Sales and DiSC categories to Guest articles. Added Out with the old to Blog!


Added Mood Matching to Ways to Happiness. Added Connection Language to Persuasive Language. Added Header and Footer and Profile to Job Finding. Added Sententia to Figures of speech. Added Handling Questions and Hushing to Public speaking.  Added The Relationship between Masculine/Feminine and Parent/Child Dynamics, Thomas Edison was an idiot, and other motivational sayings and How to Warm Up a Cold Prospect to Guest articles.


Added Satir's Five Positions to Using Body Language. Added Peptides to Brain chemistry. Added Resume/CV Power Words and Scannable Resumes/CVs to Job Finding. Added Pun to Figures of speech. Added Getting Applause and Go with the Flow to Public speaking. Added We’re Getting Ready to Play Notre Dame, But All I’m Thinking about Is You, Calculator Carl and Other Un-hatched Chicken and Why Buyers Love to Delay Buying to Guest articles. Added Creative blinking and Happy Christmas to Blog!


Added Spending Time to Ways to Happiness. Added Oxytocin to Brain chemistry. Started Resume / CV in Job Finding with Types of Resume/CV and Resume/CV Language. Added Personification to Figures of speech. Added Eyeballing Individuals and Forget Yourself to Public speaking. Added In Praise of Einstein, Turn “Socializing” into “Networking” and What Does Your Customer Really Value? to Guest articles. Added Status anxiety to Blog!


Added Interruption principle to Persuasion principles. Added Fixing attention to Hypnotism. Added Non-Specific Hypothesis to Counseling. Added Psittacism to Figures of speech. Added Breathe and Control Your Speed to Public speaking. Added How to Get Your Entire Organization "On Message" Today, Overcoming the Dreaded Price Objection and Customize Your Presentation Style to Guest articles. Added Slow Down, Sell Faster to Book reviews. Added A Freudian slip to Blog!


Added Money and Happiness to Ways to Happiness. Added Ingratiation to More persuasion methods. Added Barrier Analysis to Diagnosing Change. Added Health Belief Model to Beliefs. Added The Non-Professional Counselor to Counseling. Added Paromoiosis to Figures of speech. Added Approach on Key Points and Be Conversational to Public speaking. Added Change management - a failure of structure and denial, Solving the Pharmaceutical Industry Woes and Thinking of Saving Future-Make investments that are reliable to Guest articles. Added Resuscitating a brand, confusing another to Blog!


Added Transactional Model of Stress to Stress. Added Status Game to Games. Added Counseling Success Factors to Counseling. Added Paroemion to Figures of speech. Added Cognitive Restructuring and Systematic Desensitization to Public speaking. Added Happiness at Work? Is it Possible? Yes, if You Know the Nuances of Happiness, Focus on the Most Fascinating Thing and Buyers have always been in control to Guest articles. Added Successful bragging to Blog!


Added Managing Timescales to Change Techniques. Added A Brief History of Counseling and Therapy to Counseling. Added Remote Negotiation to Negotiation styles. Added Parisosis to Figures of speech. Added Meet The Audience and Reframe Anxiety to Public speaking. Added Don't Waste a Challenging Economy, Six Powerful Prospecting Tips and Qualifying Leads: why lead scoring is inadequate to Guest articles. Added Anticipation, power and fat people to Blog!


Started Counseling in Disciplines with What is Counseling?. Added Remind Yourself to Ways to Happiness. Added Ponzi Scheme to Confidence tricks. Added Parison to Figures of speech. Added Personal Appearance and Learn, Learn to Public speaking. Added  Why Buyers Don’t Like Salespeople, How to Block the Competition and Managing the pushback we create to Guest articles. Added The Full Facts on Cold Reading to Book reviews.  Added Management links to Links. Added Gamblers' indirect illusion to Blog!


Added Empowering Questions to Questioning techniques. Added Deciding to Lie to Lying. Added How to Get Stressed and Own a Dog to Stress Management. Added Parisology to Figures of speech. Added Getting 'In The Zone' and Wear a Persona to Public speaking. Added Cultural Diversity: a Fait Accompli, Unselling What You Just Sold and Would You Like Fries With That? to Guest articles. Added Review: Become a Key Person of Influence to Book reviews. Added Gender befuddles to Blog!


Added Limiting Beliefs to Beliefs. Added Gullibility to Confidence tricks. Added Watch Comedy and How to say No to Stress Management. Added Paradox to Figures of speech. Added Babbling and Progressive Visualization to Public speaking. Added A Question of Leadership and What is a quality lead – and does it matter? to Guest articles. Added The new frontier to Blog!


Added Reframe Desire to Ways to Happiness. Added Progressive Experience and Progressive Relaxation to Stress Management. Added Paradeigma to Figures of speech. Added Listen to Yourself and Get Feedback to Public speaking. Added Digital Sales Activity: finding buyers too late in their journey, Top 10 Ways To Stay Motivated In Sales and Help Your Employees Do More in Less Time to Guest articles. Added Eye-witnesses and justice to Blog!


Added Change Strategy to Planning for Change. Started Stress Management in Techniques with Breathing Exercises and Cognitive Restructuring. Added Parachesis to Figures of speech. Started Preparing Yourself for Speaking in Public speaking with Practice, Practice and Watch Yourself. Added Can You See Where You’re Going: How to construct an effective organizational vision, Buyers want a shorter buying decision cycle and Use Smart PR to Communicate More Effectively NOW With Your Prospects to Guest articles. Added Aflac duck ads up to Blog!


Added Commitment Devices to More persuasion methods. Added Deception in negotiation to Negotiation articles. Added Will Power to Power. Added Oxymoron to Figures of speech. Added Powerpoint Tips, The 5 Ps and SQ3R to Public speaking. Added How to Create Compelling Sales Presentations with PowerPoint, e Learning Management Systems: Do “Learning Organizations” really outperform the competition? and The new relationship between sales and marketing: it’s harder for the sales folks to Guest articles. Added Second-hand support to Blog!


Added Stages of Personal Power to Power. Added Four Factors in Facial Expression to Lying. Added Spill Words to Modifying meaning. Added Optatio to Figures of speech. Added Finding the Focus, Balancing the Presentation and SCQA to Public speaking. Added Top 10 Sales Coaching Tips To Increase Sales Productivity, Fundamentals Beat Flash and In Our Hearts of Hearts We Know; Facing Illness and Death to Guest articles. Added Free! Or what? to Blog!


Added Assumptive Adverb Opener to Persuasive Language. Added Instant vs. Delayed Gratification to Preferences. Added Six Learning Styles to Learning Theory. Added Narratio to Figures of speech. Added Presentation Aids and Presentation Devices to Public speaking. Added Intellectual Capital and Your Sales Career, Depuzzle Human Behavior and What Are You Neglecting? to Guest articles. Added Is free will a bad thing? to Blog!


Added Myths of longevity to Neural Aging. Added Four Lying Domains to Lying. Added Malapropism to Figures of speech. Added Sectioning, Three Part Presentation and Tellem to Public speaking. Added Driven to Distraction: How Latest Trends Will Hurt You and I Heard It Through the Grapevine: How leaders can reduce damaging gossip to Guest articles. Added Brands from Birth to Blog!


Added Trust and Fear to Trust. Added Be Reliable to Building Rapport. Added Kolakeia to Figures of speech. Added Helping Them Decide, Microstructure and Structural Principles to Public speaking. Added You have a buying process problem, not a selling problem and How Would Your Customers Rate Your Service? to Guest articles. Added Realism works to Blog!


Added Small World Theory to Academic Theories. Added Passive Care to Building Rapport. Added Hypotaxis to Figures of speech. Added Identifying Objectives, Use Outlining and STOIC to Public speaking. Added The Certainty Of Misery Is Better Than The Misery Of Uncertainty and Ten Networking Blunders That Cost You Sales to Guest articles. Added In safe, cute hands to Blog!


Added Interview Question Worksheet to Interview questions. Added Anger to Fallacies. Added Hypozeuxis to Figures of speech. Added Research your Subject, The Purpose of Speaking and Planning the Presentation to Public speaking. Added Buying Decision Enablement: put the human side of decision making into the work flow and Are You a Flexible Leader to Guest articles. Added Persuading parents to Bl\og!


Added Yaffe's Elements to Making the argument. Added Delayed Gratification to Motivation. Added Unilateral neglect to Brain dysfunction. Added Homoioteleuton to Figures of speech. Added Know Your Audience and Interview the Organizers to Public speaking. Added Serving Food to Tipping.  Added 5 Sales Coaching Steps To Formalize Your Sales Career Goals To Make Them A Reality and Your Buyer is Smarter than You to Guest articles. Added Obvious persuasion to Blog!


Added Using threats to Motivation. Added Leaders and PR disasters to Leadership actions. Added Confabulation to Brain dysfunction. Added Glossolalia to Figures of speech. Added Question Time and Next Steps to Public speaking. Added Seeding to Tipping.  Added A Better Approach with Purchasing Departments, Getting an Audience to Pay Attention When They Don’t, Won’t, or Can’t and 3 Ways to Avoid Being Invisible on the Trade Show Floor to Guest articles. Added Logic is not language to Blog!


Added Maximizing vs. minimizing to Preferences. Added Punch Words to Persuasive language. Added The Brain Syndrome to Brain dysfunction. Added Fictio to Figures of speech. Added Collaborative Close and The Clincher to Public speaking. Added Serving Wine to Tipping.  Added 10 Secrets to Creating a Sales Proposal That Doesn't Suck, Social Media: Why and How it Influences the Relationship and A-Game Selling in a Forever Changing Market to Guest articles. Added Persuading with food to Blog!


Added Transactional Model of Communication to Models of Communication. Added Blindsight to Brain dysfunction. Added Extraposition to Figures of speech. Added Thesis Confirmation and Learning Check to Public speaking. Added Taking the Order to Tipping.  Added How to Live Life to the Fullest, The 3 Secrets For Making People Like You and The Hidden Advantage of Disagreements to Guest articles. Added What is beauty? to Blog!


Added Preventing Lying  to Lying. Started Brain dysfunction with Aphasia. Added Exergasia  to Figures of speech. Added Summary and Key Points to Public speaking. Added What Jobs Get Tipped? to Tipping.  Added Sales Coach Tips: Top 4 Sales Excuses That Stop You From Winning More Clients, The Ripple Effect and Buying Facilitation® and Sales: the dynamic duo to Guest articles. Added The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking like a Professional to Book reviews. Added Emotion and music to Blog!


Added Praise to Motivation. Added Non-followership to Followership. Added Exemplum to Figures of speech. Added The Elevator Pitch and Preview to Public speaking. Added Waiter's Views to Tipping.  Added Listen While You Work, 32 Fatal Negotiating Mistakes That Cost Salespeople Money and The Steps to Buying: remembering the human element to Guest articles. Added Littering with disgust to Blog!


Added Body Language Reversal to Understanding body language. Added Unconscious Thought Theory to Academic Theories. Added Ethopoeia to Figures of speech. Added Greeting Opener and Statement of Benefits to Public speaking. Added The Importance of Mood in Waiting to Tipping.  Added A note to read when you are in a bad mood, Should Social Media Replace Cold-Calling? and Why Do Sales People Like Failure? to Guest articles. Added Who's in control of the bus? to Blog!


Added Relative happiness to Happiness. Added Post-traumatic growth to Coping Mechanisms. Added Quotation Opener and Thesis Statement to Public speaking. Added Become Personal, Insulting, Rude to The Art of Being Right. Added Maintaining Dignity and The Gender Difference in Waiting to Tipping.  Added "Call Me Next Week", Retention is a Problem That Won't Go Away and Buying Facilitation® and Sales: the dynamic duo to Guest articles. Added Body language and negotiating traffic to Blog!


Added Organismic valuing to Values and Motivation. Added Thinking and Lying to Lying. Added Sensory Opener and Story Opener to Public speaking. Added A Faulty Proof Refutes His Whole Position to The Art of Being Right. Added Finding the Right Waiting Job to Tipping.  Added Welcome to the Sales Jungle, Slowing Down to get in the Zone, Resistance To Change: inexplicable, irrational, and real to Guest articles. Added Review: Getting On With Kids In Secondary School to Book reviews. Added Thinking about doodles to Blog!


Added Activation Theory to Academic Theories. Started Public speaking in Techniques with Parts of the Presentation, adding Housekeeping, The Opener and Question Opener. Added Bewilder Your Opponent by Mere Bombast to The Art of Being Right. Added Dress for Success to Tipping. Added Five Reasons Why Sales Professionals Need A Vacation, Two Types of Decisions: Buy-IN, and BuyING and Prospecting - Building an Advocate Army to Guest articles. Added Psychological Billing to Blog!


Added Anxiety and Lying to Lying. Added Four motivations to Motivation. Added Memes to Diffusion. Added Epitrope to Figures of speech. Added Will is More Effective Than Insight to The Art of Being Right. Added Touch Them to Tipping. Added Cross-Selling Takes Teamwork, 9 Reasons Why Prospect's Don't Return Your Calls and The Steps of a Sale: from the buying decision to the close to Guest articles. Added The pleasure of mystery to Blog!


Added Find Benefit to Ways to Happiness. Added Burke's Five Elements of Dramatism to Storytelling articles. Added Anxiety to Emotions. Added Ecphonesis to Figures of speech. Added Don't Let Him Off The Hook to The Art of Being Right. Added Tell Them to Tipping. Added What I Learned From A Successful Small Business Owner About Sales, 15 Mistakes Sales Managers Make When Hiring New Sales Reps and All Decisions Involve Change Management: an insurance case study to Guest articles. Added Toilet Ads to Blog!


Added Critical Listening to Listening. Added Idea Bait to Diffusion. Started Organization Design in Change Management with Organizational Forms. Added Dysrhythmia to Figures of speech. Added It Applies in Theory, But Not in Practice to The Art of Being Right. Added Your Name to Tipping. Added Why Texting While You Workout Will Hurt You Inside The Gym As Well As Your Sales Results, Dating: The Essential Elements of a Successful Pick-Up and What We Can Learn About the Art of Persuasion from One Scene in Shakespeare's Richard III to Guest articles. Added Good trouble at Jamie's to Blog!


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On holiday. Blogs and photos here for Scotland and Cumbria.


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On holiday for a week. Photos here.


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Added Provocation to Coping Mechanisms. Added Repeating and Shaping to Body Language Core patterns. Added Alleotheta, Allusion and Alliteration to Figures of speech. Added Getting the Change Process right using the Human Needs Model, How to Avoid Self-Sabotage, Memory and Motivation Is Not Enough: If You Motivate An Idiot, All You Have Is A Motivated Idiot  to Guest articles. Added Sick opportunities to Blog!


Added DARVO to Coping Mechanisms. Added Closing and Enacting to Body Language Core patterns. Added Cognitive methods in coaching to Schools of thought in coaching. Added Affirmatio, Aganactesis and Allegory to Figures of speech. Added Sales Strategies for Strategic Selling, The Secret Weapon Every Savvy Exhibitor Should Use and The 3 Rules of Successful Selling to Guest articles. Added Testing times and Spam tricks to Blog!


Added Kipper management to Leadership articles. Added Adynaton, Asteismos and Aetiologia to Figures of speech. Added Moving forward, Opening and Preening to Body Language Core patterns. Added How CEO’s can be more effective in attracting & retaining senior staff, Goal Setting and Resistance in the Creative Process Discipline or Willingness? and Engagement is an Inside Job to Guest articles. Added War and Peace to Blog!


Added Dysfunctional patterns to Gender. Added Emotionality to Coping Mechanisms. Added Core patterns to Using Body Language, starting with Crossing, Expanding and Moving away. Added Acyron and Adianoeta to Figures of speech. Added Face Your Dragon, Principles of Persuasion and Always on the Grow to Guest articles. Added Do something amazing and Christmas, crisis and bargains to Blog!


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Added A brief history of Behaviorism to Conditioning. Added Coaching vs. Therapy and Transference and counter-transference in coaching to Coaching. Added Altruism to Coping Mechanisms. Added Using their name, Responding to bad behavior and Learn the person to Classroom management. Added The Strangest Secret, Identify Your Stress Triggers and When You Throw Dirt, All You Do Is Lose Ground to Guest articles. Added Cults and abuse to Blog!


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Added Dietary control to Conversion techniques. Added Connect with their parents, Consequences and Divide and conquer to Classroom management. Added Frequency distributions to Statistical principles. Added Phi Correlation to Analysis in Social Research. Added Selling In The Crisis Economy, Will the Real Objection Please Stand Up?, The Folly of First Impressions and Carl Jung and Gateways Themes to Guest articles. Added Voices of failure to Blog!


Added Losing it, Know the system and Control classroom entry to Classroom management.  Added Reversal to Resisting persuasion. Added Multiple regression and Mann-Whitney test to Analysis in Social Research. Added The Power of Choice!, Conversion! Drive Attendance to Your Seminar and Win the Battle, Lose the War to Guest articles. Added Short-term thinking, long-term thinking and economic impact to Blog!


Added Sustaining commitment to Sales articles. Added Day one discipline, The foundation of discipline and Respect to Classroom management. Added Factor Analysis, Biserial Correlation Coefficient, and Cramer's V to Analysis in Social Research. Added Choosing a sampling method to Sampling. Added The Secret Peril That Causes Sales to be Lost and The Power of Your Creative Voice: An Essay on Tempering the Inner Critic to Guest articles. Added Religion and war to Blog!


Started a new Discipline topic of Teaching, beginning with Classroom management, with pages on The foundation of discipline, Why are they so naughty? and The confident teacher. Added Z-score to Statistical principles.  Added Ethnographic Research to Social Research. Added 4 Keys to a Successful Sales Strategy, Who Else Wants Success By Choosing What They Want In Life, Essay on Creativity: Discipline or Willingness? and When Good People Become Bad Bosses to Guest articles. Added What makes a good tune to Blog!


Added Visualizing and Wondering to Techniques of hypnotism. Added Chi-square test, Chi Square table, Choosing a correlation test, Choosing parametric test, Choosing a non-parametric test, Choosing a test, Parametric vs. non-parametric tests, Principles in analysis, Shapiro-Wilk test and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to Analysis in Social Research. Added Just Checking In Makes Your Prospects Check Out!, Handling the Cold Potato, Shepherds of the Night: How dreams help artists develop creativity, and Now You Can Really Motivate Your Staff To Go The Extra Mile to Guest articles. Added Words, pictures and stories to Blog!


Added Pausing, Progressive relaxation and Relax-repeat to Techniques of hypnotism. Added ABAB design to Design of social research.  Added Covariance to Statistical principles. Added Secrets to Getting the Sales Job You Want!, Keep the Sale and Who Else Wants To Know How To Become Successful Through Networking to Guest articles. Added Interpreting dreams and The necessity of celebrity to Blog!


Added Collaboration to Principles of hypnosis. Added Bloom's Taxonomy to Learning Theory. Added Drawing conclusions to Social Research with Inferring cause and Two error types. Added The Management Gurus by Chris Lauer and Soundview to Book reviews. Added Six Powerful Prospecting Tips, Getting a “GRIP” on your teams – how to get better results from the same people, Think Like a Coward and Here Are Ways Which Are Making Average Managers Into Outstanding Ones to Guest articles. Added Sensory deprivation on the BBC and Ten thousand emails to Blog!


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Added A Selling Attitude to Sales articles. Added Wondering, Hand-clasp and Levitation to Techniques of hypnotism. Added Ethnographic principles, Content analysis and Ethnographic coding to Analysis in Social Research. Added Recruit Your Way to the Top!, Motivate Your Sales Team to Crush the Tomato, How to ask beautiful questions and The New Global Marketplace Requires the Versatility of a Swiss Army Knife to Guest articles. Added Cruise dues to Blog!


On holiday. Here's the blog and photos.


Added Affirmation, Vagueness and Ambiguity to Techniques of hypnotism. Added Dialogic listening to Listening. Added Variance homogeneity test and Levene's test to Analysis in Social Research. Added Driving Higher Levels of Performance on the Corporate Racetrack: Finish First, What Is Leadership? and What Everybody Should Know About Setting Goals to Guest articles. Added Don't fire your bad customers! and Religions and abuse to Blog!


Added Techniques of hypnotism to Hypnotism, starting with Noticing, Linking and Confirmation. Added Z-test, ANOVA, F-ratio and Sphericity to Analysis in Social Research.  Added Mushroom Management to Leadership articles and Leadership styles. Added Your Sales Need a Little R & R and What Everybody Should Know To Be An Effective Public Speaker: 4 Simple Techniques to Guest articles. Added The price of wine to Blog!


Added Confidence to Principles of hypnosis. Added Seagull Management to Leadership articles and Leadership styles. Added Requirements and Risk Register to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added t-test, Independent t-test and Matched-pair t-test to Analysis in Social Research. Added Here Is A Quick Way To Improve Your Performance Review and Compensate to Motivate to Guest articles. Added Influencing politicians and Speed dating to Blog!


Added Eight need domains to Needs. Added Mandate and Project Plan to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Micromanagement to Leadership articles. Started Analysis in Social Research in Social Research, with Correlation, Pearson correlation, Spearman correlation and Kendall correlation. Added Think Before You Speak, Who Else Wants Career Success? Follow This Proven Method, Heroes and Why Sensitivity Training Is Insensitive and Patronizing to Guest articles. Added (Not) good enough thinking and Micromanagement to Blog!


Added The needs of children to Needs. Added Handover Close to Closing techniques. Started Techniques of hypnotism with Noticing, Linking and Confirmation. Added Degrees of freedom, Standard error and Sum of the Squares, SS to Statistical principles in Social Research. Added What New Managers Should Know About Managing Their Time, Spread the light and Interview Bias: Overcoming the Silent Forces Working Against You to Guest articles. Added Blind motivation to Blog!


Added Discovery Report and Issue Log to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Feedback and Utilization to Principles of hypnosis. Added Statistical principles to Social Research, including Central limit theorem, Correlation and Covariance. Added Here Is A Quick Way To Propel Your Career, Saving Gas and Selling More: 5 Secrets of Top 20% Producers, Because you're worth it and The Imbalance of Life/Work Balance to Guest articles.  Added Sharpe's Way and The activist's trap to Blog!


Added The human limit to HR Articles. Started section on Hypnotism with Principles of hypnosis including Forced cognition, Sensory thought and Physical thought. Added Judgment sampling, Ethnographic data collection and Sampling terminology to Sampling in Social Research. Added How To Turn Around Negative Attitudes, Change - let go of bananas! and Instant Success to Guest articles. Added Coaching euphemism and Getting your website noticed  to Blog!


Added Hold by the nose and kick up the backside to Tactics in war. Added HR as mirror to HR Articles. Added The GROW model to Performance Management. Added Non-proportionate quota sampling, Snowball sampling and Diversity sampling to Sampling in Social Research. Added Take Out the Trash, Laughter Therapy – Do it yourself! and The Sales Person's First Day to Guest articles. Added Seeing photographs to Blog!


Added Expert sampling, Quota sampling and Proportionate quota sampling to Sampling in Social Research. Added Read between the lines to Campbell's Commandments for Reading Myth. Added Are you wasting your money on Training?, Be more successful: Create "ME INC.", How to Sell to Anyone, Conscious-Subconscious Model: A Winning Approach to Designing Successful High Technology Marketing Strategy, Snapshots and Guard Your Hive to Guest articles.


On holiday. Here's the blog and photos.


Added the Rationalization trap to Change techniques and Refreezing techniques. Added Four audiences to General persuasion techniques. Added Convenience sampling, Purposive sampling and Modal instance sampling to Sampling in Social Research. Added Know your community and Expand your horizons to Campbell's Commandments for Reading Myth. Added Seven Speaking Myths: Beat These and Become a Great Speaker, Navigating Through Life and Playing with The Big Kids to Guest articles. Added Nelson's Way and Go Large to Blog!


Added Remembering languages and Remembering spelling to Memory methods. Added Facial emotional indicators to Emotions. Started Sampling in Social Research, with Sampling terminology, Simple random sampling and Stratified sampling. Added The Sales Marriage - How To Hire The Right Sales People, How to Use Layering Questions, Just a Little Bit More and The Power of Your Words to Guest articles. Added Possibly persuasive emails and How to succeed as an academic to Blog!


Added Find myth everywhere to Campbell's Commandments for Reading Myth. Added Measuring attitude, Rank Ordering scale and Visual-Analog Rating scale to Measurement in Social Research. Added Conversation, Reasons Why Change Fails, Positive Focus, 12 Lessons to Good First Impressions, Cost-Unconscious: Denying the True Cost of Network Downtime, How To Qualify Warm Leads and Bringing Choice To Your Anxiety Scenarios to Guest articles. Added Preying on sympathy and Be a shade braver to Blog!


Added Investigate images and stories and Seek patterns and connections to Campbell's Commandments for Reading Myth. Added Bogardus Social Distance Scale, Thurstone scale and Semantic differential to Measurement in Social Research. Added How to Avoid the Brush Off, Can Becoming a “Thoughtleader” Give You an Edge as a CEO?, Notes! To take or not to take? and The Value of A Sounding Board to Guest articles. Added Marathon madness and Planes, teens and matriarchal society to Blog!


Added Read as a God and Understand magnetic effects to Campbell's Commandments for Reading Myth. Added Likert scale and Guttman scale to Measurement in Social Research. Added Remembering faces and Remembering cards to Memory methods. Added You Get The Results You Reward, Sales Candidate Attributes: Desired or Required, 5 Secrets to Exercising Authority and Celebrate to Guest articles. Added Service hazards to Blog!


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Added Organizational therapy to HR Articles. Added Spitzer's eight desires to Needs. Added Rehearsal and The Story Method to Memory methods. Started Measurement in Social Research with Variables in research, Types of data and Measurement error. Added Action!, The Sales Person's First Day and How To Stop Work From Feeling Like Work to Guest articles. Added Fancy footwork to Blog!


Added Escape Theory to Academic Theories. Added Parallel to Explanation devices in Story devices. Added The Peg Method and The Consonant Peg Method to Memory methods. Added Anthropological research and Ethnographic principles to Design of social research. Added The Solution to the Chief Marketing Officer’s Dilemma – Accurate Emotional Engagement Metrics, Meditation and Presenting to a group to Guest articles.  Added Management tampering to Blog!


Added Involvement principle to Persuasion principles. Added Kellerman's follower typology to Followership. Added Separate Pre-Post Samples design and Time studies to Design of social research. Added The Journey Method and The House Method to Memory methods. Added Angels of Love and Demons of Fear, Attention Is The Best Rapport-Builder and Keep Your Past from Invading Your Present and Destroying Your Future to Guest articles.  Added Tourist confusion and Do not read this blog to Blog!


Added Leadership actions to Leadership. Added Boyatzis' management competencies to Leadership actions. Added Temperament, Mood and Emotion to Emotions. Added Ann Coulter on religion to Analysis. Added Regression Point Displacement design, Solomon Four-Group design and Switching Replications design to Design of social research. Added The Thermometer Close, Priming the Sales Applicant Pump and Stuck in a Rut? Six Ways to Jumpstart Your Life Right Now to Guest articles. Added A weekend's entertainment and Just giving, just getting to Blog!


Started Memory methods in Techniques with Active experiencing, Associating and The linking method. Added Non-equivalent Dependent Variables design, Proxy Pre-test design and Regression-Discontinuity design to Design of social research. Added Parker's story types to Story plots. Make Your Business Writing Great. Get Rid of Clichés, Meeting Our “Disowned Selves” In The Workplace and A Risky Proposition: How to Take Smart Risks to Find Success to Guest articles. Added Communities and the magic 150 and Magical misdirection  to Blog!


Added Whodunnit to Classic story types. Added Cheek body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Chaleff's follower typology to Followership. Added Double Pretest design and Factorial design to Design of social research. Added Secrets Buried In a Sales Person's Resume, Seven Sizzling Solutions to Predictable Hourly Stressors and The marketing revolution - Connecting Behavior to Subconscious mind to Guest articles. Added Acting memory to Blog!


On holiday most of this week so fewer new pages. Added Stereotyping to Propaganda. Added War and Western to Classic story types. Added Delivery and Gate 4 Checklist to The 4D Change Project Framework.  Added Succeeding at Telesales and Motivating the Passive Sales Candidate to Guest articles. Added Florence blog and photos to Syque site.


Added Thriller and Tragedy to Classic story types. Added Development phase and Gate 3 Checklist to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Experimental principles and Control-group design to Design of social research. Added Everyone Can Be Your Cheerleaders: Put Your "Champions" to Work for You in Public Relations and Seven Calculated Choices to Make Your Career Leap Like a Geyser to Guest articles. Added Review: The Sales Operator to Book reviews. Added What not to wear and Buying beds to Blog!


Added Vagueness to Modifying meaning. Added Definition and Gate 2 Checklist to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Swashbuckler and Teen drama to Classic story types. Added Types of reliability and Types of validity to Design of social research. Added A New Perspective On Procrastination and How to Win at Any Media Interview to Guest articles. Added Spring and renewal and Medical priorities to Blog!


Added  Dump and Chase (DAC) to Sequential requests. Added Discovery and Gate 1 Checklist  to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Slapstick and Survival  to Classic story types. Added Hypothesis to Initiating social research. Added Three -izings of research and Control vs. authenticity to Design of social research. Added Try Before Buy, Murphy’s Law vs. Yaffe’s Law: A New Look at an Old Problem and Radio is the Most Intimate Medium. Use It to Boost your PR to Guest articles. Added MBWA and Holiday taxi ads to Blog!


Added Control-Identity types to Preferences. Added Initiation and Gate 0 Checklist to The 4D Change Project Framework. Added Romance and Science fiction to Classic story types. Added Types of experiment, Design notation and Evaluative research to Design of social research. Added The Sales Person’s Kryptonite, Laugh Your Way to Persuasive Communication and How Anyone Can Build a One-Stop Press and Public Relations Shop on the Web to Guest articles. Added What To Do When You Become The Boss to Book reviews. Added Eccentrically light reading and Coercion, cause and effect to Blog!


Added Interpersonal Expectancy Effect to Academic Theories. Added Greeting body language to Using Body Language. Started The 4D Change Project Framework in Change Management, with 4D Framework Overview, Project governance and Project Gates. Added Psychological thriller and Rescue to Classic story types. Started Design of social research in Social Research, with Research frameworks and A general research framework. Added Will You Pass the Flinch Test? and Eight Painless Steps to Making Your Business Writing Sparkle to Guest articles. Added Seeds of Destruction to Book reviews. Added Famously fair and Looking for God, extremely to Blog!


Added Kelley's follower typology to Followership. Added Prudentius' seven virtues to Values. Added Reframing to General persuasion techniques. Added Period drama and Pioneer to Classic story types. Added Initiating social research to Social Research with The research question, Research Proposal and Three research questions. Added Great PR Tactics for Winning Visibility at Trade Shows and When the Sale Doesn’t Happen to Guest articles. Added Retail experiences 1 and Retail experiences 2 to Blog!


Added Nose body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Frankl's Three Sources of Meaning to Meaning. Added Zaleznik's follower typology to Followership. Added Horror, Kitchen-sink drama and Mystery to Classic story types. Added Why Can’t I Hire The Right Sales People? and Public Relations Magic: The 4-Part Message Document That Will Make Your Customers Sit Up and Listen! to Guest articles. Added 2008 and all that brainwashing and Sale talk to Blog!


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Added Values in Action (VIA) to Values. Added Types of Operant Conditioning to Conditioning. Added Escape, Espionage and Fantasy to to Classic story types. Added Knee body language and Foot body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added The Most Underutilized Strategic Advantage and Seven Great PR Tips for Winning Press Coverage to Guest articles. Added Intelligence and education to Blog!


Added Constructionism and Constructivism to Philosophies of Social Research. Added Abduction to Types of reasoning. Added Leg body language and Thigh body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Docu-drama and Drama to Classic story types. Added What’s The Plan?, Effective Leadership - Making your Business Relationships work and Stop Writing Press Releases. Start Writing News Releases to Guest articles. Added Soar, Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager to Sales Books. Added The power of love, the punishment of hate and Hat trick in Paris to Blog!


Added Ontology and Epistemology to Philosophies of Social Research. Added Crime and Disaster to Classic story types. Added Belly body language, Bottom body language and Hips body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added 5 Keys to Hiring the Right Sales Manager, Employee Communication: 3 Ways To Create Transformation In Organizations and The Sin of Arrogant Advertising to Guest articles.  Added Rim lighting and godliness to Blog!


Added Groups to Explanations, including Mass movement stages, Work Group and The Basic Assumption Group. Added Comedy and Courtroom drama to Classic story types. Added Chest body language and Back body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Creating Problems Creates an Innovative Culture, Should English Be Declared the World’s Official Common Language?, What Leaders need to know about failure: when Jack Welch blew up the plant, Employee Communication: 5 Ways Leaders Can Communicate Change and Can't Sell Today to Guest articles. Added Signage to Blog!


Added Chick Flick and Classroom drama to Classic story types. Added Obligation to Persuasion principles. Added Finger body language, Neck body language and Shoulder body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added 12 Keys to Tuning Up Your Sales Force, Techniques of Persuasive Communication: Old Wisdom in a New Package and Love and leadership to Guest articles. Added Headline overkill to Blog!


Added Selective response to Resisting persuasion. Added Arm body language, Elbow body language and Hand body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Kuhn's paradigm to Articles on Social Research. Added Body swap, Caper and Chase to Classic story types. Added Help Your Employees “Make” Time and 5 Keys to Ensuring A Spectacular Sales Training Engagement to Guest articles. Added Influencing gods and Open all hours to Blog!


Added Post-hoc Management to Leadership articles. Added Classic story conflicts to Plots. Also started Classic story types beginning with Action, Adventure and Biographic drama. Added Head body language, Face body language and Hair body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Finding the Right Home for Your Sales Skills to Guest articles. Added My ideal manager and Small words, different effect to Blog!


Added Co-creating stories to Telling stories. Added The selection spiral to Selection in Human Resources. Added Embrace, extend, extinguish to Resisting persuasion. Added Eyes body language, Eyebrow body language and Forehead body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Influence to Book reviews. Added Finding The Right Sales Talent For Your Company and Ten Career Skills to Keep You Employable in the 21st Century to Guest articles. Added Lonely hearts and house ads and A wow presentation to Blog!


Added Character types and The Fatal Flaw to Characters in a story. Added Chin body language and Mouth body language to Parts-of-the-body language. Added Ignorance to Resisting persuasion. Added What Every Sales Person Could Learn From the Yankees to Guest articles. Added Shift happens and minds get changed to Blog! Fewer additions this week as I on a short break in Suffolk. Here's blog and photos.


Started Parts-of-the-body language in Using Body Language with Lips body language, Teeth body language and Tongue body language. Added Save-the-world close to Closing techniques. Added Short name to Their name. Added Ethics in research to Articles on Social Research. Added Migrating from Vendor to Partner to Guest articles. Added Going back for less and Word power: England expects and Nelson dies to Blog!


Added Ecological fallacy and Exception fallacy to Deductive Fallacies and Full alphabetic list of Fallacies. Added Teaching tales to Storytelling articles. Added 2D and 3D characters and STEAL characterization to Characters in a story. Added Dominant body language to Using Body Language. Added Unclear language to Modifying meaning. Added Successful Selling and the Theory of Relativity to Guest articles. Added Marmite: like it or loathe it and Not for sale to Blog!


Added Forced Compliance to Academic Theories.  Added False replay to Interrogation.  Added Benefits of reflecting to Reflecting in Conversation techniques. Added Pearson's heroic archetypes to Characters in a story.  Added Four Es of storytelling to Telling stories. Added Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to Sales articles. Added Set Induction to Learning Theory. Added Employee Communication: 5 Ways To Measure The Impact On Business Outcomes and The Secret to Overcoming the Price Objection to Guest articles. Added The Manager's Kitbag to Book reviews. Added Who needs a penis? to Blog!


Added Sexual characters and Neutral characters to Characters in a story. Added Tension-resolution pairs to Storytelling articles. Added Narrative thinking and The Story Carousel to Telling stories. Added All types of listening to Listening. Added Linking to Sustaining the conversation in Conversation techniques. Added Employee Communication: 5 Tips To Engage Employees and Creating A SME Web Presence That Delivers to Guest articles. Added Selfish vs. social and Super-duper nanny to Blog!


Added Source Credibility to Academic Theories. Added Tragic characters, Magical characters and Love characters to Characters in a story. Added Pre-empting to Resisting persuasion.  Added Story reverse to Interrogation. Added Listener preferences to Listening. Added Six Quick Tips to Build Charisma and Retention Leadership to Guest articles. Added Power, rights and slippery slopes and Persuasion and truth to Blog!


Added False Recognition to Academic Theories. Added Heroic characters, Support characters and Villainous characters to Characters in a story. Added Say something wrong to Opening the conversation. Added Minor points close to Closing techniques. Added Attentive body language to Using Body Language.  Added You are what you wear and Obsessive Primping Syndrome (OPS) to Blog!


Added Concealing persuasion to General persuasion techniques. Added Object focus to Persuasive language. Added Split and Twist ending to Story devices, plus grouping into device types: Change devices, Cheat devices, Explanation devices, Extension devices, Tension-creating devices and Time devices. Added Storytelling channels and Teaching tales to Storytelling in organizations. Added Start Writing Now and Demystifying Co-Counseling to Guest articles. Added What does it all mean? to Blog!


Added What's special about organizational storytelling? and The purpose of organizational storytelling to Storytelling in organizations. Added Telling stories to Storytelling including Using props and Developing stories. Added Gender to Explanations, including Genderlect and Women's language. Added Leaders take real control and Communication in Corporate Affairs to Guest articles. Added The necessity of celebrity and Why do we worship? to Blog!


Added Side Bet Theory to Academic Theories. Added What are your career aspirations?, Do you work much outside normal hours? and Do you have any questions? Added Visionary stories and War stories to Storytelling in organizations. Added Self-Esteem and How to Improve Your Writing by Standing on Your Head to Guest articles. Added Antigrammatical selling and Licence fees and criminals to Blog!


Added Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to Resisting persuasion. Added Red Herring, Reversal and Science and magic to Story devices. Added Which job did you like least?. What salary are you seeking? and How long would it take to get up to speed in this job? to Interview questions. Added Performance Appraisal, Fast-tracking Foreign Languages and Tips for dealing with gatekeepers to Guest articles. Added The Method of Selling to Book reviews. Added Transformational holidays and Wisdom and war to Blog!


Added Four American Fears to Culture. Added Proairetic Code, Quibble and Realization to Story devices. Added Are you prepared to travel?, What did you like/dislike about that job? and Why do you want to leave your current job? to Interview questions. Add Remember More In Less Time to Guest articles. Added Holiday reprise to Blog!


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On holiday in Ireland. Blog and photos here.


Added Balance Theory to Academic Theories. Added Harassment to Tactics in war. Added Narrator, Plot Coupon and Point of view to Story devices. Added Tell me about the best manager you had, Why are you looking for another job? and What particularly attracted you to this job? to Interview questions. Added Life Skills Education and Coaching That Counts to Guest articles. Added Pressing reset and Word-Of-Mouth Marketing to Blog!


Added Hidden commands to Persuasive language. Added Accepting criticism, Balanced conversation and Enthusiasm for the subject to Sustaining the conversation. Added How do you get on with others at work? and What do you think about your manager? to Interview questions. Added MacGuffin, Monologue and Narrative Hook to Story devices. Added Ten Deadly Sales Sins to Guest articles. Added Farewell, Joe, Supermarket success and Anger management to Blog!


Added Opponent-Process Theory to Academic Theories. Added What sorts of people do you not get on with?, Tell me about a time when you influenced someone else and What do you do when you disagree with others? to Interview questions. Added Overlapping speech and Technology and interruption to Interrupting. Added Foreshadowing, Hermeneutic Code and In medias res to Story devices. Added Procrastinate Procrastination to Guest articles. Added Invisible celebrities and Wikimania to Blog!


Added The sales presentation to Sales, including Scripted performance, The structured presentation, The problem-solving presentation, The need-satisfaction presentation and The 'Tellem' presentation. Added Stories of hope, Fearful stories and Stories of transformation to Storytelling in organizations. Added Would you say that you stand out as an individual?, How do you work in teams? and How do you handle conflict? to Interview questions. Added Objection Handling Techniques to Guest articles. Added The Wrong Trousers and difficult decisions to Blog!


Added Priming to Academic Theories. Added Three customer types, Verifying the person and The cold call sequence to Prospecting. Added Do you plan to have children?, What do you do to relax?, Do you take your work home? and That was stupid! to Interview questions. Added Flashforward, Flashing Arrow and Fold to Story devices. Added Present Powerfully to Guest articles. Added Strange dreams and Empty nest and ready to rock! to Blog!


Added Inattentional Blindness to Academic Theories. Added Selling the top of the line to Sequential requests. Added Dream sequence, Exposition and Flashback to Story devices. Added How do you handle stressful situations?, How do you handle criticism?, How do you respond to change? and Have you ever had to dismiss someone? to Interview questions. Added Masterful Time Management to Guest articles. Added Whittington days to Blog!


Added List of therapies to Psychoanalysis articles. Added Handshake Close to Closing techniques. Added Can you work under pressure?, What keeps you awake at night? and What annoys you? to Interview questions. Added Cliffhanger, Death trap, Deus ex machina and Discovery to Story devices. Added Interview Like A Champion and Wisdom to Guest articles. Added Victim thinking to Blog!


On holiday -- here's the Maldives holiday blog plus photographs.


Added Affect Perseverance to Academic Theories. Added Passion to Persuasion principles. Added Topical events and Topic list to Sustaining the conversation. Added What have you done that you are not proud of?, Have you ever lost your job? and Do you take your work home with you? to Interview questions. Started Story devices in Story devices with Aside, Back story, Character shield and Chekhov's Gun. Added Your Business…Who Do You Be? to Guest articles. Added Bottle-opening, fizz-buzz and friends and Bad news, good news, weird news to Blog!


Added Pique Technique to General persuasion techniques. Added Linguistic Inter-group Bias to Academic Theories. Added Interest-Influence Grid to Stakeholders in change. Added Plans for the future, Progressive disclosure and Tell stories to Sustaining the conversation. Added What did you like least about that job?, What do you find difficult? and How do you approach risks? to Interview questions. Added You Too Can Work From Home and Understanding Needs Does Not Close a Sale to Guest articles. Added Absolutely talking and The mortgage mystery and global sustainability to Blog!


Added The Hot Hand Phenomenon and Gambler's Fallacy to Academic Theories. Added Trench war and Siege War to Strategies of war. Added What are your weaknesses?, What skills would you like to develop? and Tell me about when something you did didn't work to Interview questions. Added Stories of failure, Founder myths and Heroic stories to Storytelling in organizations. Added Why Sales Fail to Guest articles. Added Oh, Aero!, Patterns of abuse and Change, jobs, doctors and resilience to Blog!


Added Aristotle's seven causes to Motivation. Added Fear-then-relief (FTR) to Sequential requests. Started Storytelling in organizations in Storytelling with Cautionary tales, Genesis stories and Leadership stories. Added What did you learn in that job?, Why should I employ you? and What would you do if you got the job? to Interview questions. Added Guerilla war, Scorched earth and Terrorism to Strategies of war. Added Just Change Your Mind and Voicemail, Gatekeepers and Other Obstructions to Sales Success to Guest articles. Added Lucifer in prison and A hard path to Blog!


Added Bosworth's ten pains to Sales articles. Added Disrupt-then-reframe (DTR) to Sequential requests. Added Tell me of a time when things went really well, Would you call yourself ...? and What have you done that you are proud of? to Interview questions. Added Blitzkreig, Cold war and Crippling to Strategies of war. Started Storytelling articles in Storytelling with Barthes' Five Codes, Magical computers and Suspension of disbelief. Added Sales Recovery: How To Manage a Sale Going Wrong to Guest articles. Added Net losses, Poetic release and You could save on the tube to Blog!


Added Lake Wobegon Effect and Below-Average Effect to Academic Theories. Added Social Engineering to General persuasion techniques. Added What has made you successful, What interests you most about this job?, What is your greatest strength? and Tell me about when you were particularly challenged to Interview questions. Added Strategies of war to Warfare, starting with Alliances, War of Attrition and Battle war. Started Characters in Storytelling with Jung's Archetypes, Propp's Dramatis Personae and Vogler's archetypes.

Added Change: It Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult to Guest articles. Added The falsehood of self-image and Balancing conviction and openness to Blog!


Added Just-world phenomenon to Academic Theories. Added Please describe a typical day, How does your current job fit into the overall business and Tell me about your ideal job to Interview questions. Added Retreat, Starvation, Surprise attack and The Wedge to Tactics in war. Added George Carman, QC to Analysis. Added Why Sellers Don't Close, Polishing Your Presentation Skills, Antidotes To Unfair Persuasion and Being-in-the-moment to Guest articles. Added Social Psychology (Smith and Mackie) to Book reviews. Added Traffic lights, badges and romance and Seven Rules of Religion to Blog!


Added Illusion of asymmetric insight to Academic Theories. Added Isolation, Lure and Pincer Movement to Tactics in war. Started Interview questions in Job Finding with Tell me about yourself, Tell me about your last job and Tell me about your career so far. Added Going Beyond Diversity Training to Guest articles. Added Buying Facilitation to Book reviews. Added The power of music and Elbow negotiations to Blog!


Added Personal Validation Fallacy to Academic Theories. Added What is a game? to Games. Added Encirclement, Feint and Flanking to Tactics in war. Added A classic story structure and Vogler's story structure to Plots. Added When not to let them interrupt and How to stop people interrupting to Interrupting. Added All change! to Blog!


Added Polarization to Academic Theories. Added Napoleon Boneparte, Ulysses S. Grant and Georgy Zhukov to Military Commanders. Started Tactics in war with Ambush, Beheading and Decoy. Added Three stage story and Reich's American narratives to Plots.  Added Terminating people and Child is mother to the man to Blog!


Added Clustering Illusion to Academic Theories. Added Refusal of the Return, Magic Flight, Rescue From Without, Crossing of the Return Threshold, Master of the Two Worlds and Freedom to Live to Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' Monomyth. Added Sacrifice, Seamlessness and Speed to Principles of war. Started Military commanders in Warfare, with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Horatio Nelson. Added A Hard Knight's Day and The Path is a Choice to Thinking Stories. Added Sigh and Bidding wars to Blog!


Added Ambiguity effect to Academic Theories. Added Common games to Games. Added Road of Trials, The Meeting with the Goddess, Woman as Temptress, Atonement with the Father, Apotheosis and The Ultimate Boon to Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' Monomyth. Added Generosity, Intelligence, Overwhelm and Provocation to Principles of war. Added Reality blindness and One hit wonder to Blog!


Added Planning fallacy to Academic Theories. Added Disabling, Discipline, Division and Fear to Principles of war. Added Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' Monomyth to Storytelling and Plots, starting with The Call to Adventure, Refusal of the Call, Acceptance of the Call, Supernatural Aid, Crossing of the First Threshold and Entering the Belly of the Whale. Added Teaching clothes and Wrinkle-free adverts to Blog!


Started Warfare in Disciplines with Principles of war including Confusion in war, Demoralization in war and Distraction in war. Added Neglect of probability bias to Academic Theories. Added Social psychological conditioning to Conversion articles. Added Erroneous judgment, Remorse, Recovery of a lost one and Loss of loved ones to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Tobias' 20 plots to Plots. Added Advice addiction and Morals as social division to Blog!


Added Nicomachean Ethics to Values. Added Information Bias to Academic Theories. Added Three rules of appearance to Sales articles. Added Obstacles to love, An enemy loved, Ambition, Conflict with a god and Mistaken jealousy to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Shake, Rattle and Squeak to Blog!


Added Durability bias, Focalism and Impact bias to Academic Theories. Added Rivalry of superior and inferior, Adultery, Crimes of love and Discovery of the dishonor of a loved one to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Therapeutic use of metaphor to Metaphor. Added System selling to Sales articles. Added The Power & Paradox of Disruptive Leadership to Guest articles. Added Teenage trouble and Chasing the causal chain to Blog!


Added Hyperbolic discounting to Academic Theories. Added Surprise to Emotions. Added Self-sacrificing for an ideal, Self-sacrifice for kindred, All sacrificed for a passion and Necessity of sacrificing loved ones to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Metaphor and politeness to Metaphor. Added Life skills for adults - Shaping their personality to Guest articles. Added Voices of transformation and Go for No! to Book reviews. Added Toilet innovation and MAAP Publishing and Training to Blog!


Added Focusing Effect to Academic Theories. Added Ten Stages to Conversion to Conversion articles. Added Buying signals to Sales articles. Added Madness, Fatal imprudence, Involuntary crimes of love and Slaying of a kinsman unrecognized to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added The 'empty chair' technique to Guest articles. Added The language of love, learning and cold calling and A learning environment to Blog!


Added Balancing conviction and openness to Leadership articles. Added Disconfirmation bias to Academic Theories. Added LOCATE to Sales articles and Sales methods. Added Enmity of kinsmen, Rivalry of kinsmen and Murderous adultery to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Career counselling, Effective Management and Stress and Managers to Guest articles.  Added Stopping shoplifting -- nicely and Standing out and picking up to Blog!


Added Bias blind spot to Academic Theories. Added Transmarginal Inhibition to Conditioning. Added Daring enterprise, Abduction, Enigma and Obtaining  to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Prospecting is..., The successful prospector and Fish where the fish are to Prospecting. Added Susan's mother says and Honesty and eyes to Blog!


Added Workplace design to Disciplines, with Work patterns, Working spaces, Overall design principles, Physical design principles, Physical layout elements, Psychological principles, Office design, Workstation design, Workplaces for teams and Designing experiences. Added Choice-supportive bias to Academic Theories. Added Disaster, Falling prey to cruelty or misfortune and Revolt to 36 Dramatic Situations. Added Orphans, Prospecting clubs, Web trawling and Your website to Prospecting. Added New year, same old resolutions? and The leader-follower dance to Blog!


Added Acquiescence effect to Academic Theories. Added Distortion to Modifying meaning. Added Direct mail, Expert pull and Getting referrals to Prospecting. Started Georges Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations in Story Plots, adding Supplication, Deliverance, Vengeance of a crime, Vengeance taken for kindred upon kindred and Pursuit. Added A Christmas blog to Blog!


Added Prospecting to Sales, including Clubs and societies, Cold Calling and Conferences and Exhibitions. Added Pronoun language to Persuasive language. Added the Three stage story and The Five-stage Story Structure to Plots, including Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action and Resolution. Added Group counseling to Guest articles.  Added Six guys and a lot of champagne and Good day, bad day to Blog!


Added 29. Transfiguration: Hero is given a new appearance, 30. Punishment: Villain is punished and 31. Wedding: Hero marries and ascends the throne to Propp's 31 Narratemes.  Added Qualifying to Sales, including Qualifying is..., Qualifying in, Qualifying out, Qualification criteria and Five qualifications. Added new section for Guest articles, including first ones on Business Continuity Planning and Learn in your own style. Added Creating ethical organizations and An unhappy customer to Blog!


Added The sales funnel and Sales funnel metrics to Sales articles. Added The OK-not OK Matrix to Behaviors. Added 25. Task: Difficult task proposed to the hero, 26. Solution: Task is resolved, 27. Recognition: Hero is recognised and 28. Exposure: False hero is exposed to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added When to interrupt, When not to interrupt and When to let others interrupt to Interrupting. Added Londoners, Pigeons and Adverts to Blog!


Added Kahler's drivers to Motivation, including Be Perfect, Be Strong, Try Hard, Please Others and Hurry Up. Added 20. Return: Hero sets out for home, 21. Pursuit: Hero is chased, 22. Rescue: pursuit ends and 23. Arrival: Hero arrives unrecognized to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added Creating a Million dollar a Year Sales Income to Book reviews. Added Risky shift, management and outsourcing and Hugging hoodies, political footballs and practical parenting to Blog!


Added A-player problems and Managing A-players to Performance Management. Added 16. Struggle: Hero and villain do battle, 17. Branding: Hero is branded, 18. Victory: Villain is defeated and 19. Resolution: Initial misfortune or lack is resolved to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added Permission Interrupt, Touch Interrupt, 'Yes, and' Interrupt and 'Yes, but' Interrupt to Interrupting. Added PEPI'd and pooped! to ChangingMinds Blog!


Added 12. Testing: Hero is challenged to prove heroic qualities, 13. Reaction: Hero responds to test, 14. Acquisition: Hero gains magical item and 15. Guidance: Hero reaches destination to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added Motormouth Interrupt, Question Interrupt and Power Interrupt to Interrupting. Started Sustaining the conversation in Conversation techniques with Ask their opinion, Concern for the person and Interest in the person. Added Talking to customers, The cost of persuasion and Birthday girl  to Blog!


Added Comparing behaviors to Assertiveness. Added 8. Villainy and lack: The need is identified, 9. Mediation: Hero discovers the lack, 10. Counteraction: Hero chooses positive action and 11. Departure: Hero leave on mission to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added Encouragement Interrupt, External Interrupt, Identity Interrupt and Loudmouth Interrupt to Interrupting. Added Review: The Origin of Emotions to Book reviews. Added Doorstep religion, Social violence and Clever daughter, proud Dad to Blog!


Added 4. Reconnaissance: Villain seeks something, 5. Delivery: The villain gains information, 6. Trickery: Villain attempts to deceive victim and 7. Complicity: Unwitting helping of the enemy to Propp's 31 Narratemes. Added Continuation Interrupt, Disagreement Interrupt, Disinterest Interrupt and Distraction Interrupt to Interrupting. Added Halloween and hazard to Blog!


Added Interrupting to Conversation techniques, starting with Agreement Interrupt, Body Language Interrupt and Clarification Interrupt. Added Propp's 31 Narratemes to Plots and Storytelling, starting with 0. Initial situation, 1. Absentation, 2. Interdiction, 3. Violation of interdiction. Added Breaking up and Culture change -- or not to Blog!


Added Sensory language to Persuasive language. Added Creativity and metaphor, Everyday use of metaphor and Poetry and metaphor to Metaphor. Added The Education Plot, The Revelation Plot, The Affective Plot and The Disillusionment Plot to Friedman's story plots. Added Music and age and Brand suicide to Blog!


Added Von Restorff Effect to Memory. Added Prepositions and metaphor and Verb metaphors to Speech parts and metaphor. Added The Maturing Plot, The Reform Plot, The Testing Plot and The Degeneration Plot to Friedman's story plots. Added Select committees and Never accept no to Blog!


Added Zeigarnik effect to Memory. Added Completion principle to Persuasion principles. Added Speech parts and metaphor to Metaphor, including Adjective metaphors, Adverb metaphors and Noun metaphors. Added The Punitive Plot, The Sentimental Plot and The Admiration Plot to Friedman's story plots. Added Cryptic conversation and Pimps and prostitutes to Blog!


Added Root metaphor, Simple metaphor, Submerged metaphor and Synechdochic metaphor to Types of metaphor. Started Storytelling in Disciplines with Friedman's story plots of The Action Plot, The Pathetic Plot and the The Tragic Plot. Added Carousels, crime and cost and Drinking the brand to Blog!


Added Extended metaphor, Implicit metaphor, Mixed metaphor and Pataphor to Types of metaphor. Added 'Save me' game to Games. Added Jung's Archetypes to Identity. Added Prima donnas, teenagers and transitions and Management attention to Blog!


Added Working memory to Memory. Added Compound metaphor, Dead metaphor, Dormant metaphor and Dying metaphor to Types of metaphor. Added Environmental factors to Listening. Added Starting work and Selling shampoo to Blog!


Added Active and passive verbs to Parts of speech. Added Types of listening to Listening. Added Types of metaphor to Metaphor, including Absolute metaphor, Active metaphor and Complex metaphor. Added Traps in reflecting and Rogers' five feedback types to Reflecting. Added Start of term and other beginnings and Job threat to Blog!


Added Sensory metaphors to Metaphor, including Metaphors and touch, Metaphors and sight, Metaphors and sound and Metaphors, taste and smell. Added Mirroring and Matching to Reflecting in Conversation techniques. Added Managing C-players to Performance Management. Added Mom'n'Pop service and Showbiz and politics to Blog!


Added Physical metaphors to Metaphor, including Metaphors and things, Metaphors and space, Metaphors and time and Metaphors and energy. Added Reflecting words and Reflecting verbal style to Reflecting. Added Tells to Understanding body language. Added Promotion and leadership to Blog!


Added Shock and awe and Wit and wisdom to Opening the conversation. Added Slow down, Spot a friend and Summarize to Closing the conversation. Added Rhetorical questions to Questioning techniques. Started Metaphor in Use of Language with Metaphor basics, including Metaphor definition, Parts of a metaphor and How metaphors work. Added Holidays and breaking up time and Managing managers to Blog!


Back from holidays! Added Cultural change planning to Planning for change. Added A-, B- and C-jobs and Managing B-players to Performance Management.  Added Phone calls, Procrastinating and Short answers to Closing the conversation. Added Holidays and breaking up time to Blog!


Added Hobbes and Power to Power. Added Generalization to Modifying meaning. Added Listening styles to Listening. Added Feign ignorance, Introduce a friend and Out of time to Closing the conversation. Added Extrapolating and Synergizing to Reflecting. Added Romance lives and Summer holiday, beginner's mind to Blog!


Added Cornering them to Negotiation mistakes. Added Omission to Modifying meaning. Added Closed questions, Declare completion and Excuse yourself to Closing the conversation. Added Reflecting to Conversation techniques, starting with Parroting and Paraphrasing. Added Four types of justice to Trust. Added A diamond negotiation and 2-3-4 Training to Blog!


Added Thinking in absolutes to Negotiation mistakes. Added Five Common Human Concerns to Values. Added Kluckholn and Strodtbeck's Dimensions of Culture to Culture. Added Schwartz's Value Inventory to Values and Culture. Added Domestic negotiation, Everyday negotiation and Hierarchical negotiation to Negotiation styles (and revised the page). Added 30 years on, Bush, Blair and brand and Learning from Margie to Blog!


Added Tonal patterns and The Triple to Using repetition. Started Closing the conversation section in Conversation techniques, with Be negative, Body pointing and Caught short. Added The selection spiral to Selection. Added The Competing Values Framework to Culture. Added The power of coffee, Avian Flu and 7/7, one year on to Blog!


Added Introduce yourself and Script the start to Opening the conversation. Added Nagging, Rhyme and Slogan to Using repetition. Added Funnel questioning to Questioning techniques.  Added Hall's Cultural factors to Culture. Added Loyalty traps and Abundance, HP and networking to Blog!


Added complete section with about 50 pages on stories in Syque web. Added Use environmental triggers, Get to the point and Greeting to to Opening the conversation. Started Their name in Conversation techniques with  Finding their name, Remembering their name and Using their name. Added Emotional arousal to Emotions. Added Breakfast negotiations and Missing life to Blog!


Revised Aggressive body language and added Dominant body language to Using Body Language. Started Conversation techniques section with Opening the conversation, including Ask them easy questions, Ask them about themselves and Check your list. Added Types of brand to Brand management. Added The jackhammer, Jingles and Motto to Using repetition. Added RSS streams. Added Meritocratic benefits and Ten minutes of fame to Blog!


Added Signals to Communication. Started Job-finding in Disciplines, with Impression management, Interview success and Interview tips. Rearranged General persuasion techniques and started Using repetition with Alliteration, The Dripping Tap and The hammer. Added Secret trials and Demons and superstitions to Blog!


Added Gesture types to Body Language. Added The meaning of colors to Communication. Added Low-ball and That's not all to General persuasion techniques. Added Touching to Using Body Language. Added Dogs and termination and Boyfriends and parents to Blog!


Added Only way out and Sympathy to Interrogation. Added Getting referrals and Using referrals to Sales articles. Added Two-process theory, Interference theory and Multiple-route recall to Memory. Added Trying stuff and Canine persuasion to Blog!


Added Lie detectors, News and Nobody cares to Interrogation. Added Conscious and competence to Learning Theory. Added Type A and Type B personalities to Preferences and to Personality. Added Objectification to Modifying meaning. Added Nominalization to Parts of speech and Modifying meaning. Added Seeing the doctor, Techie again and Practical jokes, schadenfreude and group membership to Blog!


Added Haptic communication, Kinesic communication and Proxemic communication to Understanding body language. Added Informality and Inquisition to Interrogation. Added Words, Music and Dance to Communication. Added Practical reasoning to Making the argument. Added Exams and anchors and Conflict resolution and the guy at the top to Blog!


Added the The three-stage negotiation process to Negotiation, including Opening, Bargaining and Closing. Added Powerlessness to Power. Added Critical discussion to Making the argument. Added Three essential qualities to Politics. Plus Getting better seats and Elegant hotels, celebrities and manners in Blog!


Added The eight-stage negotiation process to Negotiation including Prepare, Open, Argue, Explore, Signal, Package, Close and Sustain. Plus Ostriches and Idea viruses in Blog!


Added around 100 pages in new sections in Psychoanalysis and Sociology in Disciplines, plus Identity and Critical Theory in Explanations. Plus Going to the theatre and Newspaper communism to Blog!

In Psychoanalysis are sections on Theorists in psychoanalysis, Concepts in psychoanalysis and Psychoanalysis articles.

Theorists in psychoanalysis include Sigmund Freud, Jaques Lacan, Melanie Klein, Julia Kristeva, Donald Winnicott and Wilfred Bion.

Concepts in psychoanalysis include Abjection, The chora, Counter-transference, The depressive position, Desire, Good object, bad object, The good-enough mother, Identification, Incorporation, Internalization, Introjective identification, Jouissance, Life and death drives, Mirror phase, Narcissism, The neonatal phase, Object, Object Relations Theory, Oedipus Complex, Other, The paranoid-schizoid position, Phallus, Phantasy vs. fantasy, Play, Pleasure-pain principle, Projection and Introjection, Projective identification, Reality principle, Splitting, The Symbolic register, Three registers of human reality, Transference, The Transition Object and True self, false self.

Psychoanalysis articles include Psychoanalysis is..., Group behavior and psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis and society, Psychoanalysis and mourning, Early and Late Freud, Freud and sex, Infant sexuality, Lacanian psychoanalysis and Winnicott's development stages.

Sociology includes articles on Ethnicity and identity, Feminism and identity, Individual and society and Institutionalization, plus notes on theorists: Marcel Mauss, Pierre Bourdieu, Norbert Elias and Max Weber.

Identity includes Identity is..., Death and identity, Ethnicity and identity, Feminism and identity, Foucault and identity, A history of the self, Legal identity, Life histories, Masks, Movies and identity, Other, Personal name, Queer theory, Subject, and Suture.

Critical theory concepts include What is Critical Theory, Death of the author, Différance, Episteme, Ideology, Interpellation, Ideological State Apparatus, Langue and Parole, Signifier and Signified, Synchrony and Diachrony and Syntagm and Paradigm.

Schools of thought in Critical Theory include Postmodernism, Post-structuralism, Postmodernism, Semiotics and Structuralism.

Theorists in Critical Theory include Louis Althusser, Emile Benveniste, Ferdinand de Saussure, Jaques Derrida and Michel Foucault.


Added Management causality mapping to Change techniques. Added Political negotiation, Selling and buying and Hostage negotiations to Negotiation styles. Added Easiest way out, Extreme tactics and Good cop, bad cop to Interrogation. Added The talking stick and Fishes and ponds to Blog! Added Notes for students and Notes for webmasters and others.


Added The newspaper method to Communication. Added Emotional body language to Using Body Language. Added War, Widows and orphans and Wince to Negotiation tactics. Added Already know, Authority and power and Dire consequences to Interrogation. Added The job application dilemma, Rock climbing and change and Busking to Blog!


Added Attachment Theory to Academic Theories. Added The Johari Window to Communication. Added Trial balloon and Undiscussable to Negotiation tactics. Added Rules for respondents, Four stages of interrogation and Interrogation questions to Interrogation. Added High Probability Selling to Book reviews. Added Bad website designInspirational Teaching and Going to the dentist to Blog!


Added Shotgun, Split the difference and Take it or leave it to Negotiation tactics. Added Betty Crocker's Egg to Analysis. Started section on Interrogation. Ad, including Interrogation is..., Rules of interrogation and Four rules for interrogators. Added Childhood memories, Averting gaze on the train and Blue funks and cosmic dust to Blog!


Added Red herring, Russian Front, Reducing choice and See you in court to Negotiation tactics. Added Redefinition to Modifying meaning. Added Relaxed body language to Using Body Language. Added Job-hopping and careers, Buying boys' toys and A parent's despair to Blog!


Added Padding, Phasing and Plant to Negotiation tactics. Added Industrial relations, Managing board and International to Negotiation styles. Added Bennis' leadership qualities to Leadership articles. Added Roadster heaven, Waiting for the train and Discovering Deming to Blog!


Added Foot In The Door (FITD), Door In The Face (DITF) and Bait-and-switch to General persuasion techniques. Added Squeezing too much, Talking too much and Win-lose to Negotiation mistakes. Added The need to repeat to Needs. Added There's a Fine Line Between a Groove and a Rut to Book reviews. Added Conforming to stereotype and Selling chocolate to Blog!


Added Servant leadership to Leadership styles. Added No authority, Non-negotiable and Overwhelm to Negotiation tactics. Added Short sentences to Persuasive language. Added book review of Leadership and Liberation to Book reviews. Added Who am I?, Leadership and Integrity in Change and Free beer? and also Blogs by subject archive to Blog!


Added Misunderstanding power, One solution and Over-wanting to Negotiation mistakes. Added Reducing faking in tests, Reliability and Validity to Selection in Human Resources. Added Wooing journalists to Analysis. Added Rude courage and values to Blog!


Added Double bind questions to Questioning techniques. Added Location management to Negotiation activities, including Negotiation geography, The building for the negotiation, The negotiation room, Layout of the negotiation room and Negotiation room seating. Added Building assertive beliefs and Disagreeing to Assertiveness. Added Creaks and cures and Listening to teacher to Blog!


Added Transportation Model, Viewpoint, Levels of abstraction to Communication. Added New issue, New player and Nibbling to Negotiation tactics. Added Introjection to Coping Mechanisms. Added Identity crises and Funny adverts to Blog! Put search at the top of the page.


Added The Heist: Programmed criminals to Analysis. Added Lawyer, Leaking, Linking and Lowball to Negotiation tactics. Added Missing strengths and Misunderstanding authority to Negotiation mistakes. Added Deliberate Eccentricity and Stories and change to Blog!


Added Good guy/bad guy, Hire an expert, Incremental conversion and Interim trade to Negotiation tactics. Added Giving criticism and Receiving criticism to Assertiveness. Added Introjection to Coping Mechanisms. Added Baseline Selling to Book reviews. Added Risk-taking, bonding and ghosts, Assimosis and other neologisms and Ghetto rules to Blog!


Added Praise to Assertiveness. Added Features and benefits to Sales articles. Added Hurting the relationship and Issue fixation to Negotiation mistakes. Added Forced choice, Funny money and Fragmentation to Negotiation tactics. Added Bullies and consequences, Jumping on ice and Superstitions to Blog!


Added Toffler's Three Forms of Power to Power. Added Tricks, kicks and bricks to Negotiation articles. Added False deadline, Faking, Fame and Flattery to Negotiation tactics. Added Temporal language to Persuasive language. Added January Sales and A serious student to Blog!


Revised Understanding body language to include Uses of non-verbal communication and Reading non-verbals, plus added Mehrabian's communication study. Added Escalating demand and Fair criteria to Negotiation tactics. Updated Saying no and Receiving criticism in Assertiveness. Added Being Santa to Blog!


Added Political Psychology and The Mature Mind to Book reviews. Added Handling opposition to Negotiation activities. Added Agreement zones to Negotiation articles. Added Deadlines, Dry well, Empty pockets and Empty promises to Negotiation tactics. Added Information Manipulation Theory to Academic Theories. Added Christmas compliance, How to lose and election and Seasonal transformation to Blog!


Added Delays, Divide and conquer, Doomsday and Double agent to Negotiation tactics. Added Controlling the process and The right time to negotiate to Negotiation articles. Added Researching the other side to Negotiation activities. Added Fragmentation principle to Persuasion principles. Added Happy Mondays, Bailey's 1, Sleep 0 and Out with the boys to Blog!


Added Changing standards, Check the facts, Control the agenda and Credentials to Negotiation tactics. Added The three-part message, Asking and Saying no to Assertiveness. Added Friends in need, real friends and fairweather friends, Barmecidal feasts, Emperor's clothes, social rules and leadership and Begging to Blog!


Added Saying what you want, Standing up for your rights and Speaking your truths to Assertiveness. Added The walk-away alternative to Negotiation articles. Added Developing your walk-away and Deploying your walk-away to Negotiation activities. Added The Tao of Conflict, Lollygagging, Friends and fathers to Blog!


Added Call girl, Cards on the table, Change the negotiator and Changing standards to Negotiation tactics. Added Guiding decisions and Isolating the issues to Negotiation activities. Added Getting Past No to Book reviews. Added Transaction cost to Trust. Added Dogs and motivation, Joe's Jottings and Transaction costs, trust and outsourcing to Blog!


Added Positive questions to Questioning techniques. Added Bluff, Breaking it off and Brooklyn optician to Negotiation tactics. Started Assertiveness in Techniques, with Assertiveness is..., Aggressive behavior and Passive behavior. Added Distress to Emotions. Added Change projects and people, Birthdays and life and Telethons and fund-raising to Blog!


Added Skilled Interpersonal Communication to Book reviews. Added Better than that, Biased choice and Big fish to Negotiation tactics. Added Needs, wants and likes to Negotiation articles. Added Prioritizing to Negotiation activities. Started Negotiation mistakes with Accepting positions, Accepting statements and Hurrying. Added Nature and negotiating like a child and Fair pay, fair play to Blog!


Added Auction, Bad publicity and Better offer to Negotiation tactics. Added Positions and interests to Negotiation articles. Started Negotiation activities, with Finding variables and Finding fair criteria. Added Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech to Analysis. Added Analogical reasoning to Types of reasoning. Added The Revenue Protection Officers, Persuasion blogs -- blogs that persuade, Political blunders and the power of the press and Bonfires and Punishment to Blog!


Started Negotiation section in Disciplines, with The spectrum of negotiation styles, Collaborative negotiation, Competitive negotiation and Balanced negotiation. Also started Negotiation tactics, with Highball, Quivering quill and Slicing. Plus Negotiation articles, starting with Negotiation is... and Fairness in negotiation. Added Dancing and Soft drinks adverts -- bad and good to Blog!


Added Strong and weak commitment to The psychology of change.  Rebuilt Trust section, including The effects of betrayal. Added Accuracy and faking, Faking and deviance and Personality and job success to Selection. Added Enhancing memory and Encoding specificity principle to Memory. Added Culture, brands and selling,

Changing your own mind and Teenagers to new Blog!


Added the Blog! Added  Visible thought: The new psychology of body language to Book reviews. Added The price-quality heuristic to Decisions. Started Communication in Disciplines, including SMCR Model, Media fidelity and Signal response. Added Psychometric tests, Personality tests, Resumé / Curriculum Vitae and Work sample to Selection.


Started section on Politics in Disciplines, including Coalitions, Political power, Stages of a campaign and Characteristics of successful campaigns. Started section on Memory in Explanations, including Multi-store model, Sensory memory, Short-term memory and Long-term memory.


Added George Carmen, QC to Analysis. Added Interview, Intelligence tests and Psychometric tests to Selection. Added The size heuristic to Decisions. Added Trivializing words to Persuasive language. Added Hofstede's Asian cultural factors to Culture.


Added Broken record to Resisting persuasion. Added Modifying meaning to Use of Language, moving some pages here and adding Weasel words, Qualifiers and Intensifiers. Added Persuasive language section to Use of Language, including Final impact. Updated Site map.


Added Won't work, Yes, but and Yes, yes, no to Resisting persuasion. Added Application form, Assessment centers and Biodata to Selection in Human Resources. Added Supernanny to Analysis.


Added Tag questions to Questioning techniques. Added Motivating gaps to Motivation. Added Performance Management to Human Resources, including ABC Analysis, Setting goals and SMART Objectives.


Added Interview, Critical Incident Technique and Repertory Grid to Job Analysis. Started General persuasion techniques, including Rank's Intensify/Downplay schema, Monroe's Motivated Sequence and Using evidence.


Added Human Resources to Disciplines, with aspects of Job Analysis including Structured questionnaire, Process analysis, Observation, Self-reports and Participation. Added Stress Management to Techniques.


Still on holiday. Now in Rovinj (Croatia). Beautiful. Completed work on the Quality Toolbook website. Now there's over 3000 pages of solid content on the web across all my sites. All free.


On holiday! Rome for a week. History on every corner. Web-wise, working on converting my 400-page book on problem solving and improvement into the Quality Toolbook website.


Added Using humor to techniques, including Benefits of using humor, Becoming a child, Laughter and Politically-incorrect humor. Added Unfair process and What about to Resisting persuasion.


Added Power sales and updated Terrorist bombs in Analysis. Completed Using punctuation with Quotation marks and Semicolon. Added Tried it, Truth and Unavailable to Resisting persuasion.


Started new Analysis section (see left-hand navigation bar too) with topical articles on Live 8 and Terrorist bombs. Added Surprised, Tears and Too... to Resisting persuasion. Added Parentheses and Period to Using punctuation.


Added Dash, Ellipsis and Hyphen to Using punctuation in Use of Language. Added Qualifications, Say no, Silence, Splitting hairs and Stonewalling to Resisting persuasion.


Started Using punctuation in Use of Language, starting with Apostrophe, Colon and Comma.  Added Name the game, Not my job, Not surprised, Only theory and Procrastination to Resisting persuasion.


Added Illogic, Impracticality, Interruption, Mismatching and More data to Resisting persuasion. Added Modulation to Use of Language. Added Customer Roles to Sales articles.


Added Higher authority, High ground, Hmm and I'll have to think about it to Resisting persuasion. Added Stress to Explanations, including Causes of stress, Symptoms of stress and Stress costs.


Added Fake anger, Filibustering, Flight into health, Fuzzing and Gaze avoidance to Resisting persuasion. Added Ellis' Irrational Beliefs to Beliefs. Added Margerison-McCann Team Performance Wheel to Preferences.


Added Data dump, Digression, Denial and Escalation to Resisting persuasion. Added The personal-closure trap to Sales articles. Added Personality is to Personality. Added Social Influence to Academic Theories.


Added Stepwise change, Visioning and Whole-system Planning to Change techniques in Change Management. Added Causal Analysis and Change Complexity Analysis to Diagnosing change. Added Lewin's freeze phases to Change Management, including Unfreezing techniques, Transitioning techniques and Refreezing techniques. This completes current work on Change Management (over 100 pages!).


Added Setting goals, Shift-and-sync, Socializing and Spill-and-fill to Change techniques. Added new section on Resisting persuasion to Techniques, including Attack, Blame, Can't afford it and Confusion.


Added Making the argument to Argument, including addition of Argument elements, Making the case, Proposition and Refuting arguments. Added Kipling questions to Questioning techniques. Added Creating a Positive Culture to Culture.


Added Traditional logic, Pros-vs-cons reasoning, Set-based reasoning, Systemic reasoning and Syllogistic reasoning to Types of reasoning. Added the Ultimatum Close to Closing techniques and Closing tips to Sales articles in Sales.


Added Decompositional reasoning, Deductive reasoning, Inductive reasoning and Modal logic to Types of reasoning in Argument. Added Adjournment Close to Closing techniques. Added Satir's Stress Responders to Personality.


Started Types of reasoning in Argument, including Cause-and-effect reasoning, Cause-to-effects reasoning, Effects-to-cause reasoning, Comparative reasoning, Conditional reasoning and Criteria reasoning. Added Primary and secondary emotions to Emotions.


Added Management by Objectives (MBO), Open Space, Re-education, Restructuring, Reward alignment and Rites of passage to Change techniques. Added the Hurry Close to Closing techniques. Added Amplification principle to Principles. Added Feedback Form to Contact page. Removed forum (annoying ads!). Added simple Guestbook.


Added Personal Construct Theory to Academic Theories. Added Facilitation, First steps, Golden handcuffs, Institutionalization and Involvement to Change techniques. Added Deception principle and Perception principle to Principles.


Added Challenge, Coaching, Command, Destabilizing, Evidence for change, Evidence stream and Education to Change techniques in Change Management. Also added Specificity principle to Principles.


Added Using syntax to Use of Language, including: Sentences, including Using simple sentences, Using compound sentences and Using irregular sentences. Also Using statements, Using questions, Using commands and Using exclamations. Then detail in Clauses, Clause arrangement and Phrases.


Added Creating change to Change Management, with Boiling the frog, Burning bridges and Burning platform. Added Virtues of Style to Argument, including Clarity, Correctness, Evidence, Ornateness and Propriety.


Added Managing the change project, including Organizing for change, Sponsorship of change and Styles of change to Change Management. Added Style over Substance, Undistributed Middle, Unrepresentative Sample and Wishful Thinking to Fallacies. Reorganized Fallacies to include Full alphabetic list of fallacies plus too many other groupings to list here.


Added Planning for change, including Scope of change, Styles of change, The Change Delivery Plan and The Commitment Plan to Change Management. Added Slippery Slope, Social Conformance and Strawman to Fallacies.


Added The nature of opposition, The nature of support and Stakeholder mapping to Change Management. Added Personal Inconsistency, Poisoning the Well, Post Hoc, Red Herring and Repetition to Fallacies. Added Personality is to Personality.


Added Stakeholders in change, with Types of stakeholder, Researching stakeholders, Stakeholder interests and Stakeholder personal analysis to Change Management. Added In a Certain Respect and Simply, Insignificance, Logical Inconsistency, Many Questions and Missing the Point to Fallacies.


Added Causal Analysis and Change Complexity Analysis to Diagnosing change in Change Management, as well as The Kübler-Ross grief cycle that includes Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Testing and Acceptance stages. Added Transference and Freud's theories to Behaviors.


Added Diagnosing change, with Historical Review, Context Analysis, Cultural Analysis and Structural Analysis to Change Management. Added Gambler's Fallacy, Hasty Generalization, Illicit Major and Illicit Minor to Fallacies. Added Substitution principle to Principles.


Added Accepting the brief, The first meeting, Investigating realities and Agreeing the contract to Change Management. Added False Analogy, False Cause, False Compromise, False Dilemma, False Effect and Four Terms to Fallacies.


Added Signs of resistance, Dealing with resistance, How to cause resistance and Responding to unexpected resistance to Change Management. Added Denying the Antecedent, Division, Equivocation and Excluded Middle to Fallacies.


Added Site map and Forum (please do join in!). Added Resistance to change, Rationale for resistance, The resistance zoo, Signs of resistance to Change Management. Added Active listening, High-integrity listening and Listen to the inner person to Listening.


Started new section in Disciplines  on Change Management, with The Change Imperative, The psychology of change, Initial concerns and Initial reactions. Added Bad listening habits and Good listening habits to Listening. Added Begging the Question, Complex Question and Composition to Fallacies.


Started new section on Listening in Techniques, including Why you should listen, Why people do not listen and Depth of listening. Added Appeal to Tradition, Argument from Ignorance, Assertion and Attack the Person. Also added Kolb's Learning Styles and The Learning Cycle to Learning Theory.


Completed Parts of speech with Adverbs, with Enhancing with adverbs and Quantifying with adverbs. With Prepositions, including Prepositions of place and Preposition of time. Also Conjunctions, including Types of conjunction, Associating with conjunctions, Complexifying with conjunctions and Adding conditions with conjunctions. And finally Interjections, with Using exclamations and Using hesitation devices.


Christmas bonus: Lots on Parts of speech with Verbs, including Types of verb, Completion with verbs, Possibility with verbs and Imperative with verbs. Also Adjectives, with Enhancing with adjectives, Quantifying with adjectives, Definite and indefinite articles, Comparatives and Superlatives and Cardinals and Ordinals.


Added Propaganda section to Techniques, including four articles on propaganda: What is propaganda?, A brief history of Propaganda, Military, media and education and Modern propaganda, plus seven common techniques: Bandwagon, Card-stacking, Glittering generalities, Name-calling, Plain folks, Testimonial and Transfer.


Added Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Novelty, Appeal to Pity and Appeal to Ridicule to Fallacies. Started Parts of speech in Use of Language, including Nouns, Using concrete nouns, Using abstract nouns, Pronouns, Types of pronoun, Connecting with pronouns and Pronouns and possession.


Added Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Common Belief, Appeal to Common Practice and Appeal to Emotion to Fallacies. Added Aristotle's Five canons of rhetoric to Argument, including Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory and Delivery. Added Selling with Questions to Sales articles and Questioning techniques.


Added Enthymeme, Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens to Syllogisms. Added Using pauses to Use of Language. Added Fallacies to Argument, starting with Accent, Accident, Affirming the Consequent and Amphiboly.


Added Set Theory and Syllogisms to Argument, including Categorical syllogism, Conditional syllogism and Disjunctive syllogism. Added Power words to Use of Language. Added The Betari Box to Behaviors.


Started Argument section in Disciplines, with Argument structure, Toulmin's argument model, Three ways to persuade and Categorical propositions. Added Aristotle's Ethics to Values. Added Responding to questions to Questioning techniques.


Added LAARC to Objection-handling. Added Defensive body language to Using Body Language. Added Symbolization, Trivializing, Undoing and Defense Mechanisms to Coping Mechanisms. Added Qualifiers to use of language.


Added Repression, Somatization, Sublimation and Suppression to Coping Mechanisms. Added Personality to Explanations and Freud's Personality Factors to Personality. Added Floppy language to Language. Added review of The Marketing Playbook.


Added Projection, Rationalization, Reaction Formation and Regression to Coping Mechanisms. Added Sheldon's Body Personality to Personality. Added Submissive body language to Using Body Language. Added American values to Values.


Added Idealization, Identification, Intellectualization and Passive aggression to Coping Mechanisms. Added Stress values to Values. Added Charity collection, Movie auditions and Valet parking to Confidence tricks. Split up the rather long Links page into separate pages for each topic.


Added Denial, Displacement, Dissociation and Fantasy to Coping Mechanisms. Added Franklin's Thirteen Virtues and Value categories to Values.


Added Compartmentalization, Compensation and Conversion to Coping Mechanisms. Added Leadership articles to Leadership, including The Core Purpose of Governance, Motivation of Leaders, Leadership vs. Management and When Leadership is not needed.


Added Coping Mechanisms to Behaviors, including Acting out, Aim inhibition, Attack and Avoidance. Added Confidence tricks to Techniques, including ATM Security, Movie auditions and Bootleg video.


Added Conversion articles to Conversion techniques, including Conversion is, Brainwashing, Cults, Exhaustion, confusion, suggestion and The vulnerable persona. Added Conditioning in Behaviors, including Four stressors, The dog temperaments, Extinction and Three stages of breakdown.


Added Hassan's BITE and Sudden Conversion Syndrome to Conversion theories. Added Power body language and Social distances to Using Body Language. Added The Brain Syndrome to Brain stuff. Added Freud's Psychosexual Stage Theory to Learning stage theories.


Added Conversion theories to Conversion techniques page, including Brainwashing, Lifton's Brainwashing Processes, Lifton's Thought Reform and Schein's stages of conversion. Added Sales Training and Sales Wisdom to Sales articles.


Added Identity destruction, Special language and Thought-stopping to Conversion techniques. Added Cults to Conversion. Added Striving and Thought-stopping to Retention techniques.


Added Love Bomb and Persistence to Conversion techniques. Added Polarization and Special language to Retention techniques. also added Special language to language techniques. Went on holiday!


Added Guilt, Higher purpose, Information Control and Incremental conversion to Conversion techniques. Added Isolation, Keeping busy and Blind obedience to Retention techniques. Added ADAPT to Sales methods, added Three Customer Types to Sales articles and did some tidying of the Sales front page.


Started section on Conversion, with Conversion techniques that include Breaking sessions, Changing values, Confession, Entrancement and Engagement, plus Retention techniques with Asset-stripping, Confession and Entrancement.


Added Transformational Leadership, Bass' Transformational Leadership Theory, Burns' Transformational Leadership Theory, Kouzes and Posner's Leadership Participation Inventory to Leadership theories. Added Strategic Contingencies Theory to theories about power. Added Sales articles to Sales, starting with Customer Personalities and Dealing with No.


Added Contingency Theory, Fiedler's Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC) Theory, Cognitive Resource Theory, Transactional Leadership Theory and Leader-Member Exchange Theory to Leadership theories. Added Objection Chunking, Objection Renaming and Objection Writing to Objection-handling.


Added Participative Leadership, Lewin's leadership styles, Likert's leadership styles, Situational Leadership, Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership, Vroom and Yetton's Normative Model and House's Path-Goal Theory of Leadership to Leadership styles.


Started Leadership theories with Great Man Theory, Trait Theory, Behavioral Theory, Role Theory and The Managerial Grid. Added Customer-care Close and Valuable Customer Close to Closing techniques.


Added 'Recognize me' game to Games. Added Erikson's Developmental Stage Theory to Learning stage theories. Added Followers and Trust, Followers and Liking and Followers and Ideas to Followership. Added The Managerial Grid and Lewin's leadership styles to Leadership styles.


Added Situational Leadership, Transformational Leadership and The Quiet Leader to Leadership styles. Added Followers and Respect and Followers and Trust to Followership. Also revised Lying and added Duper's delight.


Started Leadership section in Disciplines, with Charismatic Leadership, Transactional Leadership and Transformational Leadership in Leadership styles, plus The Leader-Follower loop and Five reasons to follow in Followership.


Added Belief Bias to Theories and Syllogistic Reasoning and Conditional Reasoning to Decisions. Added Distraction Close, Trial Close and Yes-set Close to Closing techniques page.


Added Learning Theory page, including Learning Channel Preferences and Stage Theories of Piaget's Stage Theory, Kohlberg's Moral Stage Theory and Fowler's Faith Stage Theory.  And also added Testimonial Close and Treat Close to Closing techniques page.


Added The Leadership Challenge book review. Added Shame Close, Standing-room-only Close and Summary Close to Closing techniques page. Added Types of objection to Objection-handling page.


Added Changing values, Breaking sessions and Engagement to Cult methods. Added LACE objection management and Feel, felt, found to Objection-handling page.


Started Cult methods in Techniques section, including The Love Bomb and Persistence. Added Reversal Close and Selective-deafness Close to Closing techniques page.


Added big section on Social Research history and philosophy (25 pages - some quite long!) to Explanations. Also started sister website: with over 300 pages!


Started Brand management discipline with four articles, including Brand is, Brand management and The Tao of Branding. Added Confidence principle, Pull and Push principle (modified from Coercion) to Principles page.


Added Repetition Close and Retrial Close to Closing techniques page. Added Pre-empting objections, Objection Writing, Pushback, Reframing and Change priority of objections to Objection-handling page.


Added Friendship principle to Principles page. Added Ownership Close and Price-promise Close to Closing techniques page. Added Curiosity and Justification to Objection-handling page.


Added Relationship selling, One-off selling, LAIR and SELL to Sales, as well as the Courtship Close to Closing techniques. Added Boomerang and Deflection to Objection-handling.

Also sadly had to close the Forum for now, as it has been hacked.


Added Economic Close, Quality Close to Closing techniques page. Started Objection-handling page  in Sales, including Objection-handling process, Tipping the bucket and Handing objections with humor. Added Self-Monitoring Behavior to Theories.


Revised Theories front end, including 26 new pages for theory groups. Added No-hassle Close, Now-or-never Close and Now-or-never Close to Closing techniques page.


New layout! Added Humor Close, IQ Close, Never-the-best-time Close and No-hassle Close to Closing techniques page. Added Emotion and decision to Emotions page. Added Four components of success to new Meaning page.


Added the Care-Behavior Matrix to Behaviors page and Beliefs about people to Beliefs page. Added Future Close and Golden Bridge Close to Closing techniques page.


Added Companion Close, Embarrassment Close, Emotion Close, Empathy Close, Empty-offer Close to Closing techniques.


Added Wittgenstein's language games to Games page. Added 1-2-3 Close, Concession Close, Demonstration Close and Doubt Close to Closing techniques page.


Added Bonus Close, Bracket Close, Calendar Close, Compliment Close and Conditional Close on Closing techniques page. Also added Speech Act Theory and assorted new Links.


Added Affordable Close, Assumptive Close, Balance-sheet Close and Best-time Close to Closing techniques page. Revised Questioning traps. Completed Self-actualization too.


Started Disciplines section with Sales and Closing techniques of the Alternative Close and

Puppy Close, plus the AIDA, SPIN Selling and Customer-Centered Selling methods. Added Similarity to Principles page.


Added Columbo technique, Group questioning, Questioning traps and Socratic questioning, all to the

Questioning techniques page.


Added Perceived-Ownership Effect to Decisions page. Also Chunking questions, Clear questions and Leading questions to Questioning techniques page. Changed menu to incorporate techniques.


Added Using humor, including Benefits of using humor, Becoming a child and Politically-incorrect humor.


Added Open body language, Closed body language, Aggressive body language and Romantic body language to Using Body Language page. Fixed a few duff links.


Added Alignment, Framing and Harmony to Principles page. Updated Definitions of Culture page.


Added Body Language page to techniques, starting with Emphasis with body language and the Body language caveat.


Started Techniques page! First off, added the use of language with emphasis and emphasis in writing.


Added Causes of stress and Symptoms of stress to Brain stuff page.


Added Stop me if you can to Games page. Added Bounded Rationality to Academic References.

Added more Links.


Added Tension, Trust and Understanding to Principles page.


Added Scarcity, Surprise, and Threat to Principles page.


Added Self vs. Others preference to Preferences page. Added Interest, Investment and Repetition to Principles page.


Added Mintzberg's Political games, Territorial Games and War game to Games page. Added Closure and Coercion to Principles.


Added Empathy and Association and emotion to Emotions page. Added Empathizing vs. Objectifying to Preferences page. Also James-Lange and Cannon-Bard theories of emotion to  Theories pages.


Added Arousal, Objectivity and Reciprocity to Principles page. Also Four Types in Preferences page.


Added pride, guilt, happiness and sadness to the emotions page. Added to travel hopefully, the Drama Triangle and 'Poor me' to the Games page. Added a short page on Body language to the Behaviors page. And added the discussion forum. A busy week!


Added 'Catch me' and 'Clever me' games to Games page, plus book review of Territorial Games and The Two Step. Revised the Links page. And the Bookshop is now up and running!


Started Games section, including Games, Pastimes, Procedures, Game purpose, 'Attraction-rejection' game and Blame game.


Added Dependence, Evidence, Experience and Logic to Principles page.


Added Contrarian vs. Conformist to Preferences. Added Daring, Distraction and Hurt and Rescue to Principles page.


Added Blackmail, Confusion, Consistency and Contrast to Principles page. Also added search to this (home) page.


Started Principles section! Including Appeal, Association, Assumption, Attention, Authority. Also added Power types and Power enhancers to Power. Also Divergence and convergence to Decisions page.


Added 16PF and Big Five factors to Preferences page.


Added MMPI, Risk bias, Task vs. Person to preferences page. Updated General Adaptation Syndrome and separated out Fight-or-Flight reaction on Brain page. Tidied up Academic clusters to include content hyperlinks at the beginning.


Added MBTI and related items, including Extraversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuiting, Thinking vs. Feeling and Judging vs. Percieving to preferences page.


A burst of actvity! Added types and typing, Blame vs. Explain,

Belbin Team Types, DISC Types to preferences page.


Added Similarity vs. Difference to Preferences page.


Added The Context Effect and tidied up the Preferences page.


Added Head, hands and heart to preferences page.


Added Attraction vs. avoidance to preferences page.


Added goals page.


Added motivation page and rejigged the explanations page.


Added a page on

Transactional Analysis to the currently very early Behaviors page.


Added contentment to emotions section.


Still on emotions - added repulsion.


Added Purpose of emotions page.


More emotions - added Desire.


More emotions - added Shame.


More work on emotions, adding Fear.


Revised links. Flagged those that look dead. Added a few others.


Continuing work on emotions, adding Jealousy.


More emotions: Envy and Anger.


Started work on more emotions, adding Hope and Greed.


Did first version of types of belief (though this may change in future). Updated What is belief?


Added Value of values, completing current work on Values.


Added bits on values, including Values types, and updated Values development and Values page.


Added The Amygdala by-pass system to the

Brain page.


Started more work on emotions. Added Basic emotions and Emotional Intelligence.


More culture. Added Deal and Kennedy's cultural model.


Still on culture and Dutch gurus. Added Trompenaars' four cultures.


Added Trompenaars' and Hampden-Turner's cultural factors.


Added Goffee and Jones' Double-S cultural model (later removed).


Added Definitions of Culture and Elements of Culture pages and tidied up the Culture page.


Added Glasser's needs and also fixed Mumford's needs at the same time. I need a drink! Also did assorted tidying up. 


Starting work on beliefs. Including belief strengths and the formation of belief.


Updated Power page. Added French and Raven's Five Forms of Power and Three Dimensions of Power.


First uploaded the site. Lots of Explanations (if you can't find it in the above list, this is the date it was added).


Got bored at Christmas. Started work on site. One day I'll make it public.


More Kindle books:

And the big
paperback book




Save the rain





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